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We show couples who are interested in or already in an ETHICAL NON MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP how to MEET OTHERS and have EXCITING, FULFILLING and SAFE SEXUAL EXPERIENCES.

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Relationship by Design

I am excited to share that I have created a new program called Relationship By Design!


This program helps couples (or poly pods) cultivate playful, pleasurable relationships. It is an excellent way to create a stronger foundation for intimacy as a couple and recommended for anyone looking to navigate non monogamy.

There are 7 weekly 60-minute sessions and each is 1:1 with me via zoom. The first 6 sessions are foundational building and give you tools, fun hands-on somatic exercises, and homework to complete solo and together. The last session is client directed based on what we discovered during the first six sessions.


These sessions will help you to develop things like: a clearer understanding of consent, giving and receiving, check-ins, a mindful erotic practice and an understanding of how to venture outside the ‘charmed circle’ of sexuality in a healthy, safe and sane way. I am offering this to only 5 couples at a time, so if you are interested, please click the button on the right to send an email so we can arrange to schedule a discovery call together.

Ethical and consensual non monogamy encourages an open approach towards your relationship(s) with your partner(s). There is no standard definition or way of “being”; it can only be defined by you and those you are involved with in a consensual manner. With a strong foundation and an understanding of yourself, your partner(s) and your relationship(s), it can provide the opportunity to live as your authentic self, honor your sacred sexual energy and make life changing connections.

Ethical Non Monogamy

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“I am swamped with work but wanted to quickly reply and say THANK YOU! I’m going to check those links later and also send you the link to the event I want to attend. I am so happy and giddy that I get to have someone to talk to about this!”

— Coaching Client

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