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Everyone is curious to know what a swinger club is like. In our city alone there are already FIVE clubs and from coast to coast you can find plenty more! Over the years I have noticed a major increase in sex/swinger clubs opening and more events than ever to attend! It’s not surprising that more people are intrigued by the idea of being guests at such a place. Society as a whole is opening up to sexuality again and many desire to have an open relationship - or at least want to watch steamy sex taking place at an erotic venue.

We have attended many clubs in our province as well as hotel takeovers and large events in the US. We love what clubs have to offer and how they can cater to exactly what an individual is looking for. Generally, Swinger-Lifestyle clubs will offer on-premise or off-off premise play. On-premise means play can happen at the venue and off-premise means no play.

An interesting fact about Swinger Clubs in Canada is they were only made legal in 2005! Before that they could be charged or shut down by the government. “Most sex clubs in the U.S. and Canada do not serve alcohol because of restrictive state requirements associated with a liquor license, but some allow customers to bring their own.”2


Rules vary from club to club but there are a few that are top leaders amongst them all. Those ones are:

  1. NO MEANS NO. If someone says no, you stop.

  2. Consent is must.

  3. Single males are usually not allowed. If they are it is a small number and they are (usually) screened.


You’d be surprised to know many are right under your nose and you have no clue!

Just like rules each club has a niche that they cater to. Some may focus on satisfying fetishes, some may be the party scene others may be based on education and learning. It helps to do research to see what events are going on to find the best evening for you. In our city I know there is at least one event happening a week if not more. Don’t fall into a rut! Explore!


As mentioned above, these clubs can be found everywhere! You’d be surprised to know many are right under your nose and you have no clue! Finding them isn’t that hard, especially with the internet. I suggest googling your city + swinger lifestyle club and voila! I’m sure something will come up! If you live in a smaller city or town and find nothing, try searching in a larger city nearby. Or start hosting parties of your own!

Another way to find events and clubs is on Swinger Lifestyle networking site. There are many to choose from nowadays so selection shouldn’t stop you! Try out a few free accounts for a couple of months and pay for the ones that you actually get value out of. Some that we love include:

  • IndulgeLifestyle CLICK HERE and use the Promo Code SUWinter for ONE YEAR FREE on us!

  • Kasidie CLICK HERE and put azsexy in the “referred by” and get 30 DAYS FREE on us!

The next thing people want to know...WHO GOES TO THESE PLACES?!?! What is the age range? What type of couples? What do they wear? So many people email me saying they cannot attend our events because they are too old at 40 years young...UMM HELLO! That is average age! And I know 40 year olds that can party and fuck longer than me :P


Who attends? Everyone! Honestly every age, body type, relationship type. Some clubs may have more of a niche than others, but trying to nail down a “type” is impossible. If you are worried you will not be accepted, email the owners directly and talk to them. Or even me!


So next step - you decide to attend! You did some research, found an event that looks fun and RSVP’d. Some things to keep in mind before you leave for your magical evening:

  1. Personal Grooming - take pride in how you look, feel, smell - it doesn’t go unnoticed!

  2. Be up front about your boundaries and rules - don’t be shy about communicating them and incorporating them in your conversations with others.

  3. Don’t drink and drive!

  4. Communicate before you go! Talk about what you want to experience together, what is a NO, what you are fantasizing about seeing or doing...SO IMPORTANT!

  5. What if you see someone you know? Well, to be frank, you are all there for the same reason. To enjoy yourself, explore and NOT be outed. Be respectful, be pleasant, say hi, break the ice. It is what it is and at least you know you aren’t the only kinky one in your friend/work/mom group!

Note for Newbies: If you are new to the club scene I highly suggest communicating that! Every person there had their first time as well and most will be welcoming, talkative and informative! When we attended our first LS club we shared that it was our first time and everyone was so nice and welcoming. It’s a great ice breaker for your first time and guaranteed to kick off some good conversation!


And that’s my thoughts on on Swinger Lifestyle clubs! I hope that by reading this you understand that these places are actually something very special. I cannot go to just any club or bar and be who I am. In the LS clubs women are welcoming, kind and accepting, consent is key and communication is everywhere! You only do what you are comfortable doing and have the opportunity to connect with some pretty awesome people along the way.




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