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I don’t know about you but we certainly feel the turmoil of returning to real life after an awesome weekend of Lifestyle dates, a hotel takeover like Naughty in N’awlins or 10 days away at Young Swingers Week! Actually, we feel it SO strongly that we coined a term for it: Post Lifestyle Event Disorder – or PLSED. On our show this week we are going to discuss what post vacation depression is, how is impacts you and how adding the Lifestyle into the mix can make it even more challenging to snap back to reality. With over 50,000 kms of Lifestyle travel in the last year and a half, we have some experience with this and want to share our advice and tips when it comes to experiencing PLSED from a variety of Lifestyle activities. Tune in now! *disclaimer: in no way are we comparing PTSD to PLSED.

On our show this week James takes over the mics and hosts his own show. He invited three men from our local community to have a general discussion about men in non-monogamy and the Lifestyle in general. They touch on the fact that everyone on the show has a considerable amount of experience when it comes to the Lifestyle and discuss the noticed changes in themselves, their relationships and the community. They also touch on their experiences with running into people from their vanilla life and share stories and advice on how to navigate these types of situations. They then shift over to talking about the topics that were brought up during the Men Discussion at YSW October 2019 that James hosted. Tune in now, you won’t want to miss this insightful episode!

This week we are excited to share a special show with you! Joining Taara are three admins of a group she is involved with called Ladies of the Lifestyle. Ladies of the Lifestyle is a space held for all women, in all stages of their journey to find open-minded women to support, encourage and validate who they are. During the show we share what this group stands for, what our plans are for the future and how you can get involved! Our guests include Onalee – the seed that started it all, Lady K – the sun who radiates her energy to help it grow and Kristen – the fairy that spews sparkles everywhere she goes! In our second segment, Advice for Ladies from Ladies of the Lifestyle, each woman contributes her input and offers some amazing points for women - and even men- when it comes to non monogamy. Finally, we wrap up by answering questions from our listeners about being a woman in the lifestyle. Tune in today!

On this week’s show we are talking about how to have better sex in the Lifestyle! That starts with talking about sexual issues that some people face while getting frisky. Sexual performance issues are common in both men and women but are topics that sometimes are not discussed. We cover common issues both sexes face and share advice to those who may experience this during play. We then switch gears to performance fu*king where we discuss some sexy tips for experiencing a better time when you’re getting it on! The opportunity to get intimate with others in the Lifestyle is high and ensuring it’s a pleasurable time for everyone is key! It ensures all parties have an exciting time and could possibly mean more sex in the future! So tune in as we share our tips, tricks and advice on having some sexier times in the Lifestyle!

Breakups and shakeups are not immune to non-monogamy and many times it is something we are faced with in our relationship(s) or within the community we are involved in. It can be a very emotional time for couples, singles and friends and in some cases, sex is (or was) in the picture which can heighten emotions even more. This week we ask Kristen the Independent Unicorn to join us as we discuss experiencing breakups and shakeups in the non monogamy world. She shares what her breakup in the Lifestyle was like and how she maneuvered the events that happened afterwards; together we share advice for couples and friends of couples who are experiencing a breakup and what building a support system can look like. We also discuss common shakeups couples (and singles) may encounter in non monogamy and offer some guidance in working through them. Lastly, we wrap up with answering our Instagram follower questions surrounding the topic.

Thinking about checking out Young Swingers Week in 2020? Wondering what all the hype is about? Well then, we got a show for you! In 2020 there will be four full couples only takeovers at Hedonism II thanks to Young Swingers Week and we want you to know all about them! We start off the show by interviewing a host couple that has been around since the beginning of YSW in 2015. They share their insider tips, paint a picture of what it’s like and then we get cut off by the incoming rainstorm! Next, we interview the owner and creator of YSW to talk about all the exciting upcoming events planned for 2020 and all the extra’s he has in store! Finally we finish the show by answering all the juicy questions we received while we were at YSW in October 2019!

Join us on the beaches of Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica during Young Swingers Week as we triple the fun and interview three first time couples to both YSW and Hedo! We talk about all those questions most new couples to Young Swingers Week have and share our advice with them – don’t forget, in March we were newbies ourselves so we know how it can be! How they found themselves at Young Swingers Week, what they told their families and what they did when life throwed some curveballs (like your luggage not arriving with you!) is what we discuss and more! You won’t want to miss this sexy and entertaining show!

Whenever the topic of single males comes up in the Lifestyle, there always seems to be questions and too some degree, interest! The thought of having another man join is alluring to many but sometimes, this type of play partner can be one of the most difficult to find in the Lifestyle community. Many clubs and events are not open to single males and searching online has its’ challenges. Being a single male isn’t exactly easy to navigate either. Some couples want hot wife play, some want cuckholding and some get upset if you think that’s what they want! So think week we are covering the topics of single males, hot wifing and cuckholding with our friend who has some insight into all three! Learn more as a couple or a single and discover why you may want to give this a try!

The Lifestyle is a pretty fun place explore! You can find all-inclusive resorts that are clothing optional, extraordinary four-day events with bar takeovers and evening balls and nightclubs that are designed to encourage flirting, fun and sex! You really can find a good time! And with all the partying and festivity there is one common denominator – booze! Do you think you’d be able to do it all sober? Is booze something you need to calm the nerves, relax a bit and fully experience all the “fun” the Lifestyle has to offer? We ask ourselves this question and bring two special guests who share that for them, the Lifestyle is better sober! John and Jackie Melfi from OpenLove 101 are two influential role models in the lifestyle community. This couple has created a business dedicated to providing people with advice, knowledge and support to aid them in their lifestyle journey. They open up about why they do the Lifestyle sober, how they navigate that and what their relationship looks like as a result. You won’t want to miss this eye-opening episode!

It’s pretty common for those in the non monogamous community to lead a double life. Unfortunately this type of alternative love is not yet accepted by mainstream society and many times people run the risk of loosing their career, status or even worse – family. This can be mentally draining and in some cases, difficult to navigate. That’s why we brought two extraordinary guests onto our show today to discuss the ins and outs of leading a double life! Paige and Penn from Swinger Diaries Podcast open up about their double life and how they make it special, sexy and mysterious. We discuss some of the issues they have encountered, what life is like for them and offer their advice for those in the same boat! Tune in now!

This week we are celebrating two HUGE milestones in our lives! First, this is our one-year anniversary of being on Voice America! We have recorded an astonishing fifty shows with over sixty guests throughout them! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of our Patrons, sponsors and listeners and we are grateful for their encouragement and love! Not only is this our one year show – we also recently got engaged!!! This week we want to open up and share one of the most intimate moments of our lives with our listeners! Tune in as we detail what our engagement was like, discuss an article we found titled ‘5 Things You’ll Learn as Soon as You Get Engaged’ and listen to the answers of some juicy questions we received from our Instagram followers! You won’t want to miss this show!

Oftentimes in the non monogamous community the ladies are encouraged to explore their bisexuality – ok let’s be real, it’s pretty much all the time! But what about the men? In such a sexual community with so many bisexual women, one would think there would be more bisexual men, bi-friendly events and information for bi guys. This week we have the pleasure of interviewing a fellow podcaster and someone who knows a thing or two about the bi guy stigma in the Lifestyle community. Cooper S. Beckett is a queer non-monogamous writer and podcaster whom speaks openly about his experience as a queer male in the swinger community. Together we offer up advice for bisexual men, discuss why men hide their bisexuality, suggest guidance for female partners of bi men and discuss one of the only bi-friendly Lifestyle events offered to the community! Don’t miss this insightful episode!

Joining us on our show this week is someone who brings voice to all pussy’s! She helps dating women who feel like their sexuality is confined misunderstood or misrepresented, feel empowered to unapologetically express their sexual needs and wants. Jessi Camille from The Pussy Party Podcast opens up with us to discuss the connection between spirituality, sensuality and sexuality and how, with consciousness, non monogamy can offer a platform to learn more about yourself. We dive in the topic of masculine and feminine energy and how the world is experiencing a shift in these energies right now! She provides advice on what you can do feel more aligned during this shift and how to enhance your experiences sexually when it comes to non monogamy. Tune in now!

It can sting when you feel like you are not desired by a couple or when someone declines your offer to play or hang out. However, it can be equally as tough to say no or state that you’re simply are not interested and want to remain friends. This awkward part of the Lifestyle is something people want and try to avoid, but the reality is that it is part of the lifestyle and around to stay...well, forever! This week we share our stories, advice and tips when it comes to rejection and non monogamy. We discuss how rejection is different in the lifestyle vs. vanilla world and help to bridge the gap between saying no and feeling good and receiving a no and feeling good! Tune in now!

Being HSV positive in the non monogamy community can come with a lot of fear, shame and stigma - and we want to change that! Normalizing this conversation within the Lifestyle needs to happen and we are happy to get the ball moving. If we had more knowledge on the topic and people felt safe, comfortable and accepted about sharing their positive diagnosis, it would be easier to discuss with partner(s) the proper precautions that can be taken to minimize the risks and relieve some concerns. This week we are joined by two women who are in non monogamous relationships and HSV positive. In this heartfelt show they open up about their experience and share their story. Afterwards, we are joined by our friend and local Nurse Practitioner, Jessica Tsang, who shares advice, tips and information about HSV-1 and HSV-2. This is a powerful show and we hope you take the time to tune in!

New relationships feel so good! You get those warm fuzzy feelings, butterflies in your stomach and you both want to bang each others brains out!  Ahhh the feelings of new relationship energy! But what happens if you are in a non monogamous relationship? How does that work? New relationship energy is not immune to non monogamy - if anything, it is amplified! We were lucky enough to have the incredible Dr. Jess from Sex with Dr. Jess join us on today’s show to discuss the concept of new relationship energy - or NRE as it is commonly called. What do you do if you start to develop strong feelings for a couple you play with? What are some ways you can recognize NRE? How do you talk about it to your partner(s)? We dive into all this and more on this week’s episode! Tune in now!

Have you been thinking about attending Naughty in N’awlins? Wondering if it’s the right event for you? Then this show is for you! Two lovely first time couples to Naughty in N’awlins agreed to do interviews after the event and open up about what they experienced. Each share their sexy highlights, how they felt consent was communicated by the organizers and if NiN was worth attending. With an event of over 2000 attendees, it’s good to have a few different views about how their trip unfolded for them. At the end we have a sneaking suspension you’re going to want to join us next year, so make sure to visit and book now!

So the question for this show is: what do we not talk about!?! It’s 10:30 am on the Friday of Naughty in N’awlins and we invited these sexy podcasters into our room to discuss all things NiN! Of course we banter, laugh and tease but when you get six lovely people with long histories and tons of experience in non monogamy you also get a stellar show filled with loads of good advice. Finding a healthy balance at NiN (and other events), playing with others when you got shit going on and a reminder to not base your good times just on are amount of sex you have are all topics we dive into! Enjoy!

We’ve all been told a great way to meet others in the Lifestyle community is to get out to the club scene. But what happens if you’re an introvert and they aren’t your thing? Or maybe you don’t drink - perhaps you’re a recovery alcoholic. Some people even experience anxiety attacks in atmosphere’s like clubs! Club aren’t exactly everyone scene - so what do you do if that’s the case for you? On the show today we discuss all the deets about Lifestyle clubs and the options for those who aren’t crazy about them. We also share what we do to make our Lifestyle club evening even better and what Plan B can sometimes look like for us! Listen Now!

Ladies, have you ever been walking through a crowded bar and had your ass grabbed? Or maybe you were at a musical festival at the front row and someone kept groping you from behind? Consent doesn’t just happen in the bedroom. It’s in all the interactions you have with people every day! On today’s show we have a friend joining us to discuss all things consent. What consent means to us, our consent stories and advice and tips will all be included on this week’s show! Consent makes people feel safe. Consent helps to encourage vulnerability. Consent is SEXY! And we discover the essence of why - tune in now!

Funds, moolah, dinerio...the lifestyle isn’t exactly a cheap thing to participate in - and we get it! Join us this week as we talk openly about being money conscious in the lifestyle and how we make our money work for us! To help us discuss the topic this week are two lovely guests who know a thing or two about money, budgeting and spending in the Lifestyle community. They both left their jobs over a year in order to travel and volunteer around the world AND they are a couple who has been exploring non-monogamy together for over a decade. From the podcast Normalizing Non Monogamy, Emma & Fin open up about keeping more money in your bank! Tune in now!

It’s Taara’s turn to host the show and she is joined by three fabulous women to discuss what it’s like being a woman in an open relationship. Having kids and families is a life a lot of couples (and singles) in open relationships live. Each woman takes some time to discuss what their life is like when it comes to kids and swinging and what advice they have for mom’s in non monogamy. And in the segment: Advice for Women from Women the ladies open up about what life was like before non monogamy and how they talk to their partner about sex! Tune in now and open your mind to what it’s like being a woman in the lifestyle!

If you are interested in knowing the male perspective of being in a non monogamous relationship then this episode is for you! James takes the reins for this week’s show and invites a panel of men to join him and discuss the in’s and out’s of being in a non monogamy relationship. They each share how playing alone has impacted their relationship and how they navigate that level of openness in their relationship. And in the segment: Advice for Men from Men we learn what their advice is when it comes to open relationships. Be prepared for some awesome male insight into non monogamy this week with James running the show!

Jealousy and open relationship stigmas are two HUGE reason why people decide against exploring a non monogamous relationship. Many don’t realize jealousy is completely normal in open relationships and that most of those stigmas are NOT true - at least for some of us! We are excited to have a fabulous guest, Whitney Miller, joining us to help dive into the topics of jealousy and open relationships stigmas. We open up about jealousy, how it has impacted us and the advice we have for those experiencing it. We also cover some of our favorite open relationship stigmas like “Isn’t it all just about sex…” and more! Tune in now!

Join us for our first ever live-aired radio show!  First we bring it back to the basics when it comes to open relationships. What happens when one of us feel jealous? Do we even get jealous? How do we negotiate our boundaries and discuss our feelings? How do we let a couple know we are interested in getting down and dirty with them? We share all this and more! Next we open up and answer some listener questions we received. We reveal some of our not so desirable experiences in the Lifestyle and talk about what compersion looks like to us. We also plan on answering call-in questions so call in anytime toll free at 866-613-1612 during the live show! Tune in now!

Steamy Swinger Stories 1.0 was one of our most popular shows to date and we just can’t figure out why (LOL)! After doing lots of sexy travelling this year our steamy swinger stories are piling up, so we decided it was time to release TWO POINT OHHHHH! This week we open up the vault and share some of our sexiest moments together while being in an open relationship. From our first time visiting a Lifestyle club to our sexy afternoon delight at Young Swingers Week we give you all the dirty deets your sexies desire!

We leave no stone unturned in this special interview with our co-host Cate from Swinging Down Under Podcast! In our first co-hosted show we interview a lovely couple at the event Fusion in Las Vegas (May 2019). It was their very first Lifestyle event and we were lucky enough to have them share what it was like from their perspective. Afterwards, Torrid Souls joins us and we all open up about some key Lifestyle topics with lots of laughs along the way. We discuss what Fusion was like and how events are different than resort takeovers. We speak openly about consent in the Lifestyle and how asking consent applies to women too. We argue about the correct pronunciation of SCHEDULE… No matter how long you’ve been in the Lifestyle, your age, gender or relationship status this episode is for you! It is a great conversation surrounding so many areas of the Lifestyle with some pretty awesome people!

So you wanna get kinky? You want to attend that Fetish hotel takeover next month. You want to incorporate some power play dynamics into your relationship. You want to put that bondage fantasy you’ve had for years put into action. But where to start??? That’s where MarKus from House of MarKus comes in! With over ten years of experience in the D/s, M/s and leather community, MarKus is the perfect resource for those looking to explore this area of their sexuality. He is also the founder and President of HOME, a pansexual organization focused on the education and promotion of the D/s, M/s life for beginners and a resource for those already involved. So this week be a good listener and tune into our show - Mistress Taara said to!

This week we brought two of our favorite people onto our show, Charlie and Arienne from Sex Because! They join us to discuss some tough questions and issues that those in the Lifestyle can be faced with. We start by tackling the age old question of “how can I convince my partner to get into the Lifestyle?”. This is a question we get asked A LOT and between the four of us we share our best advice and practices. Current statistics in Canada state one in three women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime - Taara being one of them. How does this impact you as a person? How does this impact your relationship with your partner(s)? How does this impact your experience in non monogamy? With degrees in Psychology, Clinical Mental Health, and over 25 years of experience as psychotherapists, Charlie and Arienne shed light on this topic that many in the Lifestyle face. What they divulge is incredible wisdom and EVERY person in the Lifestyle should hear it. So please, tune in and listen to this episode that is very close to Taara’s heart.

When you get down to it, the lifestyle community is all about interacting with others. You talk, you flirt, you meet up and things progress from there. Or you may meet up, talk , flirt and… This week we share what we know about flirting and meeting others in the swinger lifestyle community. We discuss how flirting is different in the lifestyle compared to the muggle (vanilla) world, share tips for flirting online AND in real life and revel how to meet others so that you can put these skills to work. All this and more is part of this week’s show - tune in now!

Well, we popped another first time cherry! We finally got to visit Desire Riviera Maya resort and we had an absolute blast! We returned with sun kissed skin, no tan lines and smiles on our faces. In this episode we have lots of fun excitement and stories to share. We start by detailing some of our favorite things about our recent trip and what made Desire so special to us. Then we are joined by another couple on our patio at Desire and host an exclusive interview about their first visit to the resort. Later, Mario Cruz from Original Group joins us and shares all the exciting things coming from Desire and company in the next year. Finally we end with answering listener questions before signing off. This episode is packed with fun, sexiness and information - you don’t wanna miss it!

Happy 4/20 to all our listeners! Two days ago we celebrated the first LEGAL 4/20 in Canada and had a hoot! And in honor of “Weed Day”, we have a very special episode for you! We invited Kiana Reeves from Foria Wellness to join us on our show and share her knowledge about cannabis. So relax, sit back and spark one up for this week's’ show! We discover the difference between CBD & THC, how you can heal your sexuality using cannabis and learn why Foria is the pioneer of the cannabis wellness industry. Save 10% on your order from April 20 to April 26 with the code 420SU!

We did it! We attended our FIRST Young Swingers® Week! And now you can hear all about it! In the episode we sit down and talk about what it was like going to Young Swingers® Week for our first time. We both take turns sharing our favorite highlights from this mind-blowing event (hint - most of them involve nudity!) and answer listener questions we received about our trip. We also asked Brett, the owner and organizer of Young Swingers® Week, onto our show for a sexy segment where he shares the new plans for this popular event. Tune in now, you won’t want to miss what we have to share!

What do you think goes on at Young Swingers® Week? Who attends? What are the couples like and what are they doing!? We got you covered in this SPECIAL behind the scene episode of Young Swingers® Week live from Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. We asked five wonderful couples into our room and got the down low on what they were doing, what they saw and what the energy was like at this lively event. We loved being hosts but realize it’s a lot different than being a couple in the mix and we wanted to find out more! So tune in as we give you a genuine perspective on what it’s like to attend a Young Swingers® Week event!

What if you fall in love with someone else in the Lifestyle? What happens if you feel love for two people at once? Is polyamory an option? On this week’s show we ask two women who have experience in polyamorous relationships to join us and help answer these questions. Not only have they dated multiple people at one time, they are also part of the Lifestyle community and offer great insight into both worlds. So great ready for an awesome show where we discuss their experiences dating multiple people, advice and tips for those interested in this type of relationship and the difference between Lifestyle and Poly!

Almost every podcast and radio show we have ever recorded has started with The Smoke Show. We feel cannabis education is important and normalizing this topic is necessary. Legalization in Canada is over four months out and demand for knowledge is increasing. Cannabis is an amazing healer and people are starting to understand and see the benefits to consuming this miracle plant. This week are have asked a very special guest to join us in discussing this topic. Joining us on our show today is Carlen Costa, a Sexologist, Psychotherapist and founder of Everyday Goddess. She encourages and supports women on how to love themselves and embrace their sexuality - and isn’t afraid to talk about cannabis and how it can help too! You won’t want to miss this hiiighly informative show!

Do you play alone in your non-monogamous relationship? Is it something you are interested in? Recently on an Instagram poll we found out that 60% of our followers play alone in their non monogamous relationship. This week we want to talk all about this popular topic. Since we don’t have much experience with playing alone in our relationship, we invited a guest who has does. Lexi Slyver from SDC Presents: Seek, Discover Create radio show on The Sexy Lifestyle Network joins us and shares everything you want to know when it comes to playing alone. In this special interview we discuss Lexi’s experiences playing alone, advice for starting out and explore what to do when something doesn’t go as planned.

Astrology has been a huge part of my life. Since I was a little girl I would read & study it. As I grew older I took courses to understand more & continuously I am shocked with how accurate and comforting this practice is. This week we are excited to bring Julie from 8th House Astrology on our show to discuss just how practical this tool can be when it comes to relationships, sex and non-monogamy. We actually met her while we were at Naughty in N’awlins and love everything she is doing to bring awareness to this powerful practice! From large corporate conferences to more intimate Wine and Star parties, she offers custom tailored presentations to introduce audiences of various sizes and interests to the basic principles of personal astrology.

You have the power to make your life what you desire! It takes some deprogramming, education of self and an open heart - but it is so worth living for you! This week we discuss all of this as we celebrate the launch of Spiritual Slut, an online program created to help women stop the internal slut shaming and experience the sex they crave. Our life and relationship didn’t magically end up like it is today. We had to evolve, level up and learn a great deal about ourselves before we could get here. It required us to learn to ask for what we wanted and say no to the things we didn’t. We had to communicate. We had to open up. And we had to be loving, compassionate and empathetic to ourselves and to each other. Learn more about what this program has to offer and what to expect. Whether you are single, dating or in an open relationship, this course is great for those looking to explore their sexuality and/or non-monogamy. Check out for more.

Our guest today is a recognized woman to millions of television viewers across Africa from the hit reality show ‘Project Fame’. She has utilized her stardom to give back to the community and bring awareness to topics not commonly discussed in Africa. She hosts The Spread Podcast where she brings sex positive education to Kenya. Kaz, a polyamorous pansexual, is a voice to many in Africa when it comes to non-monogamy and redefining sexuality. In this episode Kaz shares her knowledge about living an authentic and honest life, the importance of consent and why boundaries are necessary - especially in non monogamy! We are also the FIRST to hear about her special event in Kenya this year and get a glimpse into what non monogamy is like on a continent neither of us have visited!

Are you curious about what it’s like to be part of an orgy? Are there rules to being in an orgy situation, or is group sex just a free-for-all? And with so many moving parts, how do you keep track of everyone’s pleasure while making sure you have an amazing experience? The incredible Lexi Sylver asked us these questions (and more!) after inviting us onto her show, SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver on The Sexy Lifestyle Network. We get personal with you about our own orgy experiences, provide practical tips and advice for communicating with your partner and group, share how to break the ice and how to make sure everything is running smoothly. We also explore how to ensure you’re practicing safe sex so that everyone can have a consensually non-monogamous good time.

This week we have a more serious topic and probably something that often is not talked about when it comes to the Lifestyle. It’s something that has happened to us more than once and something most couples and singles experience when exploring non-monogamy. We are talking about lifestyle burnout and the importance of taking breaks. Sometimes you are going through a sickness, sometimes you lose a loved one and sometimes you just need to take a step back to reconnect with yourself and your relationship. And that’s ok! So this week we will share our experience with this and things we’ve done to avoid burning out.

The Erotic Blueprints are an incredible tool that you can use to understand how you are wired to receive pleasure. In western culture we are typically only shown one blueprint and many of us try to mold ourselves to fit that criteria. In reality, pleasure and sexuality comes in my forms and understanding what each are is so empowering! On this show we are honored to interview the mastermind behind the creation of the Erotic Blueprints, Jaiya Ma. Jaiya is internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist, best selling author (Red Hot Touch) and was kind enough to share her knowledge on our show. You will not want to miss all the fabulous information in this show! Afterwards we welcome you to explore your blueprint by taking Jaiya’s quiz at