Sex Uninterrupted is changing what people think about the Swinger Lifestyle and non-monogamous relationships. We are a real couple sharing our life and educating others in order to accomplish this.

The “Lifestyle” is so much more than you can imagine. It’s growth, expansion and can be ultra sexy. Open your mind, heart and expand your imagination - you will find your dreams and fantasies can come true!

Everything you wanted to know about the Swinger Lifestyle...

We crave to inspire others to become aware of their sexuality and awaken their inner sexual being. When you are aware and comfortable about what you desire, you build a stronger relationship with yourself and with others.

Taara Rose & James
the couple behind SU >>

August 06, 2018

We just got back from Naughty & have so much to share! A new podcast interview with a special guest! An updated list of international events!

July 22, 2018

This month we are teaming up with two other Lifestyle companies to bring you the best "S" Social yet!

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Don’t Miss Out!
"S" Social
LS Club Tour Edition
Hosted by Taara & James

Everything you need to know when exploring open relationships, non-monogamy and  Swinger Lifestyle!

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Real, Raw, Unfiltered Swinger Podcast


Articles written by Taara aimed at assisting those navigating non-monogamy! We cover topics like LS terminology - even that can be intimidating when you are new!

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We give you the scoop on all the hottest events going on in the LS community! We give special attention to Canada - which sometimes can be hard to find!

Reviews, information, our first hand experiences - you NAME IT! Find answers to questions you have about travelling in the LS community. This is a HUGE part of what it's all about!!

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