Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


This was our FIRST time visiting any Original Group resorts. We went to Desire Riviera Maya - about a 20 minute drive from Cancun, Mexico

Luxury every step of the way! The atmosphere is intimate, cozy and sensual and encourages you to embrace the sexy side of yourself.

We have no plans at the moment to visit Desire RM, Desire Pearl, Temptations or the Desire Cruises but stay tuned as that can always change!



We left for the airport around 1:30 in the afternoon which was actually really nice! We had time to pack and eat something in the morning and had a good sleep the night before. We didn’t head straight to Cancun, we had to have a 10 hour layover in Winnipeg first.


We got a hotel overnight so we could have a nap and had dinner with family we had in the city. We visited the cutest little dive restaurant and had some beers and pub food. After my Aunt dropped us off at our hotel we played a few rounds of pool before calling it a night...2:30 am would come early!




At 2:30 am we checked out of our hotel and made the walk over to the airport. Airport security was a breeze and we got breakfast at the airport. The rest of our trip was smooth sailing! We had a nice flight to Cancun and got through customs effortlessly. We arranged a shuttle to the resort through the resort and had a nice SUV waiting for our private transportation. They provided us with water and cute face clothes to freshen up with.


It was about a 20 minute drive until we got to the resort. We arrived at the resort with the usually “welcome home” and started the check in process. We went over their rules and what happened at the resort and learned about where everything was. We also got our wristbands but were told our room wasn’t ready yet. So we went to go change in the luggage storage room and then after we got changed they told us our room was ready! We were escorted to our room by two gentlemen with our bags and they showed us where everything was in the room.


They left us with some fruit, nuts and a bottle of champagne in the room. Of course we had to christen the room so we had a quick before unpacking. Our room was nice but a little on the small size. We unpacked our bags and set up our sexy lights to up the ambiance factor. One thing I really missed was having a full length mirror!

After settling in we put our bathing suits on and walked along the beach to check out the resort. We realized right away that most people were naked or at least the ladies were topless so we quickly went back to undress! after stripping down we went back to the pool to make some friends. We quickly found a couple to chat with and they gave us some more tips and info about the resort as they had visited a few more times than us!


After sharing a few laughs and drinks James and I started to get hungry so we went to the grill, Tentazione, to eat. When we finished and left the restaurant, the staff were all being thanked around the pool and the foam party was about to begin.  The foam party was pretty fun! They shot it our of this huge penis-looking gun! We mostly hung around the side of the foam but the wind was crazy that day and blowing it everywhere. When the party ended we stuck around and played some pool games with the playmakers and other guests. James actually ended up doing some shots out of my butt crack!


We had a little down time after the pool and a hot make out session in front out of our room on the balcony before getting ready for dinner. We didn’t make reservation but the manager, David, At Sahlo was able to seat us. We got a special bottle of champagne and ate some incredibly good food. The escargots and lobster bisque were my favorite and to die for! The service was also top notch - I love fine dining and this was truly special!


After dinner we went to the courtyard to watched the end of the show and we then we danced for a bit. We were super exhausted though (I mean we were up since 2:30 am) so it wasn’t long before we called it a night and went back to our room to go to bed.


And oh yea - there is porn on the TVs at Desire too!

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