Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




James and I enjoyed a nice lazy sleep in and cuddle before getting up and ready for the day. We got our bed by the pool before heading to Arrecife for breakfast. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast and went back to the room after so we could undress for the beach and pool.

James was offered a massage from one of the playmakers at the pool when we returned. He couldn't say no! (and asked kindly if I was ok with it) I sunned myself in my chair and people watched.

Our friends from Calgary arrived a couple hours later. It was awesome to see some familiar faces in paradise! We basically hung around the pool for the next couple hours with everyone. We played games by the pool like beer pong and James and our girlfriend entered a paddle board competition. They had to do as many sexual positions on the board without falling off.  Of course those two competitive brats won first place with 14 positions!!!

We played around on the paddleboard with some other sexy ladies and James made us name necklaces at a craft station set up by the pool. Time flew by and before long it was time to get ready for dinner. Our friends made reservations for us four at Sukhi.

They met us at our room early so we could pop the champagne and have some nuts before dinner. We were almost late for our dinner because of the good conversation but eventually we found our way to Sukhi. We got to sit at the hibachi and the chef was very talented! He put on quite the show for us!

After dinner we went back to each others rooms to change for the evening. The theme was Desireland and we had sexy lingerie to show off! Once we were sexified for the evening we went back to the Mélange Bar to watch the show. Our friends put on quite a show of their own too with their dancing! Our friend got called up on stage for the stripetease with all the male dancers. it was pretty sexy! We met some other couples and chatted and danced after the show ended.

The party was starting at the disco so we all headed up there to dance some more. Three of us ladies got up on the stripper pole and pulled out all our sexiest moves for everyone in the disco. James and the other two gents stood there watching and we drew up quite a crowd! Some people even sat around us to watch :P

After we warmed up the six of us went to check out the playroom. We found a space and grabbed some towels to lay down and started touching and rubbing each other. It was VERY erotric akll 6 of our bodies. Soon the clothes came off and we got to it...we definitely drew a crowd and people came in from the disco to watch.


Unfortunately I had someone non consensually touch me on my breasts and it completely took me out of the moment. I had to regroup and move in the middle of our group to feel safe again. it was at that point I took a look around and saw there were a ton of people watching us go at it. There was no play space on the bed! Standing room only!


After a few hours we started to fizzle out and just laid around in a cuddle puddle. Most people left the playroom as well but a few stayed and expressed interest in knowing about what James and the other guy were doing - squirting.


So James and our friend put on an impromptu squirting 101 class and shared their knowledge about it! It was pretty entertaining to watch and the guys did a great job at being respectful while sharing their knowledge!


It was getting late and we were all craving some late night munchies. Our other friend said 4m pizza was the bomb at Desire so we put some of our costumes back on and went down to Melange Bar for some pizza. That night we slept so good!




We got to sleep in a bit again this morning. And btw sleeping in for us is like 9:30-10 o’clock so we are still getting up at a decent time lol! The two of us grabbed breakfast and afterwards I did a magical yoga flow in front of the room.

We went to the pool after I was finished and got a beach bed on the end. We had a few drinks and I was introduced to Rum Runner’s (SO GOOD!) We sat with another couple for a few hours just talking and hanging out. We went to the pool to cool down a few times too and had a really nice relaxing day of drinking lol!

The wind was pretty strong that day and it was later in the afternoon and cooling down a bit, so we went up to the hot tubs to warm up! It was packed!!! There was barely any room! We chatted with all the couples around us for a bit before the conversation got sexual and we started talking about blow jobs.

I claimed my oral skills were on point to the couple we had been flirting with all day and said I could prove it on her husband! Of course I said yes and checked with James and her hubby to make sure it was ok and then we both switched partners and showed off our oral skills in the hot tub. It was SUPER sexy!

We only gave the boys a tease and ended shortly because we had to go back to the room to get ready for dinner. We showered and I got ready - James got super quick and went to the main bar to grab a drink and talk with other people hanging out there. Once I was done getting ready I went to the bar to meet him and suddenly there was a group of 8 of us going for dinner together! We had to go to the buffet for dinner because we had such a large group, but we were all able to find something we liked for dinner :)

After dinner we went to our friend's room because they had the superior garden room and we wanted to check it out. It was actually really nice and a larger size than ours too - the bathroom was bomb!

At this point, I wasn’t feeling the best. It may have been the Rum Runners. Or Lemon Drop Shots. Or seafood buffet - but I just couldn’t get it together for the evening show. James and I went back to the romo and I looked through some of my outfits before telling him I just didn’t have the energy to go out.

He was totally understanding and we undressed and got into bed to cuddle and take break. James found the porn channels and snuggled and had lazy sex with some of my toys for a few hours before passing out in a cuddle puddle together.

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