Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




We had an amazing rest that night so the next morning James took his laptop to the Mélange bar to grab a coffee and do some work. I stayed in bed and worked on my phone :P

He also went and grabbed a good spot at the pool for us - thank you James!

James got back to the room around 9:30 - right when the sky opened up and started to POUR rain! We don’t get warm rain in Calgary often so I hopped out of bed and ran outside to “shower” in the warm morning showers! It was so special!

The rain wasn’t letting up so James and I decided to check out the beach. It was so spectacular to see the ocean in the pouring rain! It wasn’t cold and felt fabulous! James went swimming in the ocean and someone offered him a pair of goggles. I walked around on the beach (the rain stopped for a bit) while he swam.

He rinsed off after his swim and I grabbed my yoga mat from the room and did yoga in the beach hut. We were starving once I was done and went for breakfast together. After we grabbed a bite to eat, we got our beach bag and went to the bed James reserved earlier in the morning. We chilled on our bed and chatted with some people sitting nearby for awhile. When our friends from Calgary found us, we went back to our room so we could interview them. We recorded a WICKED interview with them and went back to the pool once we finished.

At the pool we did some games like Perfect Couple - which we lost LOL! James did a striptease on me and another woman. He was awesome at making sure he asked consent first before doing it too :D

The afternoon got a little blurry - it was filled with Lemon Drops and drinking games :P

James and I sneaked off from the pool in the afternoon for a sexy beach photoshoot. We got some seriously sexy shot (that will be shared on Patreon!) and had a really fun time together in the ocean taking photos and getting naughty!

I rinsed the sand off myself and we went up to the hot tub to warm up before dinner. We had some good conversations with others but eventually the hot tub cleared out as people went back to their rooms to get ready for dinner. We decided it was time to do the same!

We were going to check out the member-only dinner at Tentazione when we saw David outside of Sukhi. He sat us right away and we got the same awesome server from the first night! Again we had an unbelievable meal with outstanding service!

Following dinner we went back to our room to dress for the kink/fetish theme night. I was excited to wear my sexy cutout dress! We found some of our friends at the Mélange Bar and shared some drinks before the show started.

Again, the entertainment knocked it out of the park and we watched in awe at the dancers and performers. We went to the disco after the show but we weren’t really feeling the vibe that night so we went back down to the Mélange bar. A couple we had been flirting with for a few days asked if wanted to go to the hot tubs and we happily accepted the invitation!

We chatted in the hot tub for a bit but it wasn't long before we toko our conversation to one for the sexy beds nearby. This couple was soft swap and we totally respected that - we had a super hot time with them showing off upstairs! We even encouraged other couples to start playing on the other beds nearby too!

After we were worn out and sweaty we decided it was pizza time! We got our house coats from the room and ordered some food with the couple. We talked at the Mélange bar while we waited for our food and I didn’t realize my legs were getting eaten alive by the mosquito's. Because of the rain that day - they were BAD!

We had to say good bye after about and hour and went back to our room to eat the rest of our pizza. James and I had some sexy time together before passing out - such a great day!




We woke up early this morning as we were meeting Mario for our interview for our radio show. James grabbed coffees and I got the patio ready for the interview.  He met us at our room and we had a 15 minute interview with him outside. He shared lots of great information about Desire and the Original Group brand!


After we wrapped up the interview, James and I went for breakfast. We reserved a bed for the day at the pool and grabbed our pool stuff from our room. We mingled with everyone else who was hanging around and that’s when we finally ran into Our Naughty Escapades! They were staying at Desire Pearl and got a day pass for RM for the day. It was great to chat with them and meet them in real life!


Then we saw Room 77 podcast make an announcement by the pool for their sensual touch seminar. Yay! More people to meet in real life! We grabbed lunch because we wanted to do their workshop and I didn’t want to be too full or starving. When we came back we chatted with them Lauren and Richard (from Room 77 Podcast) and hung around the pool. James (of course) played some more pool games while I cheered him on!


We had to quickly go back to the room to shower and get ready for the Room 77 Workshop. Unfortunately we weren’t quick enough and by the time we got there, there was no space! I was pretty disappointed so instead James suggested taking some coconut oil down to a daybed at the beach and giving me a massage there. How could I say no!?

James gave me a nice oily massage on the beach. It was quiet and very relaxing AND EROTIC! When he finished we changed and went back to Melange Bar and we ran into Room 77 Podcast and Our Naughty Escapades. We chatted for a while and shared some heartfelt stories before they had to leave and we said our goodbyes.


We were STARVING so we freshened up and went to dinner. David made a reservation for us at Sahlo but I really wanted some sushi so we asked him if he could get us into Sukhi - which he did!


We shared a bottle of champagne during our meal and had a really good dinner date with just use two! So romantic! The sushi was great! The champagne was great! And our date was great!


Following dinner we went and got changed for the Hollywood night. We watched the show which, again, was fantastic! The dancers are crazy good! After the show we went up to the disco and tore up the dancefloor together! Our friends left on Monday so tonight we definitely like we were one of the younger couples - the weekend had a different vibe for sure.


We talked with a couple for a bit in the disco before heading back down to the bar. We got drinks and ordered some pizza and ate while we continued to chat.


By 1 am we knew it was time for bed - we hadn’t packed yet and we left tomorrow!


We said our goodbyes and walked hand in hand back to the room and had some fabulous sex! <3

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