Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


Desire Riviera Maya proved to be the luxurious resort they claimed to be. From the moment we arrived to the moment we said good-bye, this resort went above and beyond my expectations.

The atmosphere is intimate, cozy and sensual and encourages you to embrace the sexy side of yourself. Everybody who works there is happy to go above and beyond to ensure your stay is comfortable. Which ours 100% was!

I especially loved the sensual dinners and the opportunity to dress up every evening. We don’t get the chance to do that lots in Calgary unless it’s LS-related so it was a nice change!

When it got to our room - I wasn’t quite blown away. It looked different than in the photos online. It was small and a little on the darker side too. It also lacked a full length mirror which I missed big time! On the other hand, the beds were SUPER comfortable and the shower was large enough for both of us to be in it together. I wish the bathroom had more counter space for all my lotions, potions & make up but I made it work out. We amped the sexiness in our room with some coloured light bulbs and string lights decorated everywhere. It made it so much more sensual which I loved! The TVs had 5 or 6 pretty decent porn channels which James and I watched more than I few nights…

The fun factor at this resort was not lacking either. The first day we arrived was the foam party and we saw then that you could definitely find fun to participate in rather quickly. There is always “something” going on and if you looked on the huge resort bulletin board that was updated daily you could find where the action was. I found that board super helpful on more than one occasion! The Playmakers (aka resort entertainment staff) are all excellent at their jobs and ensure everyone (who wants to be!) is included in on the fun. Weather it is a beer pong game, who can swim under the water the longest competition or striptease - they give the group tons of energy and spirit!

The nightly entertainment was impressive too. James and I were able to watch most of the nightly shows and really enjoyed the sexiness combined with talent!

Because the service was so good at this resort, we did feel the need to leave gratitudes. On the website, it does say no tipping, however, we did end up tipping most of the staff and those who we found were helpful and made our stay outstanding. Just something to keep in mind if this is your first time!

The overall resort is very beautiful and the plants, flowers and landscaping are all kept in order. It was pretty windy the first couple days we were there and there was lots of keep cleaning up - which was actually done very quickly. The day beds on the beach and around the pool are an excellent touch. We enjoyed lounging in both. The beach is fabulous and the water is crystal clear. The sand is SUPER soft but there is a lot of seaweed during storms and winds that blows up onto the beach. The beach is also public, so anyone can walk up and down the stretch. We have no issues with others seeing us nude that are not at Desire but some people do so that is something to keep in mind.

We are both very sensitive to consent and bring a lot of our awareness to this topic while at events, takeovers, resorts, etc. We take this topics and others such as #MeToo seriously as I am a sexual assault survivor and can be completely shut down but a non consensual touch. We felt that the resort did explain No Means No, but did not go any further into the discussion of consent whatsoever. There were a few incidents regarding consent that we experienced and we heard about some other incidents and saw some happen as well. We brought this concern up to the resort and provided some suggestions and advice for ensuring consent is communicated and understood by all.

We did not leave the resort during our stay. We wanted to visit Desire Pearl and try the catamaran trip, but we only had five nights and decided on staying at the resort to experience it instead. Which I feel we did! Overall, it was a great trip! We would love to go back and even visit Desire Pearl, Temptations or even one of the many cruises Desire has to offer. If you have any questions for us about our trip or would like us to visit your resort, takeover, or event for a daily journal and review please contact us HERE.



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