Our Friends



On November 19, 2019 our external hard drive failed.

This hard drive carried every bit of Sex Uninterrupted work, all of our photos (including all of the pictures of our dog, Rosie,  that passed away this year) and other valuable information.

No, it was not backed up.

We took it to a recovery firm and they said the data was recoverable but the cost would be $1500.

We are reaching out to the community and looking for support. We HAVE to get our data back and will be paying the price to do so. Without this data it would be very difficult for us to continue Sex Uninterrupted. Any support from the community during this time is greatly valued and appreciated.

Thank you so very much every single one of you for your support and love. Even if you don't have money to spare as the holidays near, giving your love through other ways helps us to work through these challenging times too.

Sending love and light


-Taara & James

paypal: sex.uninterrupted@gmail.com

e-transfer: sex.uninterrupted@gmail.com

password: helpsu

*Canadian Banks Only*