Lifestyle Lessons 102

How can we Start?


This is probably the number one question I receive when I get a new e-mail from someone who came across my website.  Couples are super interested in learning more about The Lifestyle, but really are clueless on where to start.  If anyone understands, we do!  We started on crummy Craigslist before we learned what we have, and it took a LOT of trial and error to find the most successful way (well for us anyways).


I figured since I wrote so many individualized e-mails to people recently, I should just consolidate my replies and post it for all to see!  So, ladies and gentlemen, please see my tips below for how to start to find yourself a part of The Lifestyle community!

My first piece of advice is ALWAYS to let thinks happen organically.  Like I said in previous posts, neither of us woke up announcing we wanted to be in the Lifestyle.  It kind of just happened over time through experiences we decided to partake in together.  We talked about the fantasies we had, things we wanted to try or were interested in, and then we took the steps to make them a reality. 

 Have you already had that conversation and looking forward to how to make these fantasies happen?  Great!  There could be a number of ways you make these fantasies a reality!  Meeting another couple from a secure site like Kasidie or Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is a great way to have a more intimate experience and gives you the opportunity to be selective of who you meet.  AFF offers Canadians more volume to choose from but it is SOO (CAPITAL SO) basic; Kasidie is a WAY better site.  Kasidie includes plenty of great info about events going on worldwide or if you visit the States.  I would LOVE to see Kasidie grow in Canada!!!  Use the code azsexy for a FREE 30 day elite membership!

Perhaps you aren’t one to go through profiles and do the online thing.  That is ok too!  We are huge supporters of Lifestyle clubs and both believe they are an AMAZING way to really get into the community.  Often times you get the opportunity to talk to a variety of more experienced couples and learn about the community in your city.  You also NEVER feel pressured to partake in anything you are not comfortable with.  Clubs pride themselves on consent and encourage everyone to feel comfortable and safe - always!  One thing I love about Lifestyle clubs is you can feel free to be your sexy self.  I know I can wear a sexy outfit, walk around naked or have sex with James in front of a crowd without any fear of being judged, ridiculed or touched inappropriately.  I think I am ruined for going back to normal Vanilla clubs!


I hope this information inspires some of you sexy couples to find some fun tonight or look into some local Lifestyle clubs.  Remember, communication is key!  Once you have that down, exploring together is an amazing experience!

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