Hotel Room Deco's

Pimp your hotel room when you attend events or visit resorts!


Primping Goodies

Some of Taara's favorite beauty products!


Self Love & RnR

Self Love & RnR

Relax and unwind with these amazing finds!

Relax and unwind with these amazing finds!


Pain Management

Don't let cramps or a sore knee keep you from having great sex! These items are great to help manage the pain!


Crystal Healing

Carry them in your bra or your pocket or purse! The vibrations of crystals can align, clear and transform your energy, spirit and physical self!

pleasure pack.PNG

three gifts in one!




Learn more about non monogamy and open relationships with the help of these excellent books!


stay healthy - drink Organifi!

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Both James and I swear by this company! Not only does all their stuff taste AMAZING, it saves us time on prepping meals and boosts our metabolism. This means more energy for the work day or naughty sex-capedes at night!