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Who here likes to experience group sex!?!


James and I LOVE to be involved in orgies that are consensual, safe and FUN! It can be a beautiful experience! Orgies are popular in the non monogamous and Tantra communities. Having so many bodies stimulated with sexual energy is a powerful experience!


I had no idea 9 years ago that I would be doing things like this with a partner I loved. It’s so surreal sometimes! Usually we find these are easier to organize during events/hotel takeovers/at resorts as people have more time and less distractions (like kids!). However, we have been part of some sexy group play sessions close to home too and even organized some ourselves!

There are a few things you should know about orgies before jumping in:

💦CONSENT IS EVERYTHING - silence is not consent. If you want to touch or play with someone in the orgy you must ask first! Be creative – you could try asking things “Can I eat you out while your sucking his cock?” Or “Is my hand ok here?”. It also doesn’t hurt for everyone to go over what they want to experience and what their rules and boundaries before play start. We’ve done both ways and find the awkwardness of saying this before play takes the awkwardness OUT of something happening during play.

💦ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT - speak up to reach the experience you desire from the scene. If you want to be tied up, ask! If you want 3 men on you at one, ask! Everyone should be in a mental state to say no to the things they don’t want to experience, so speak up!

💦PRACTICE SAFE SEX - use a different condom with every partner. Clean yourself between partners. Use dental damns and/or condoms for oral sex. I know it sounds like a lot of work but we love running to the shower for a sexy rinse off during group play!

💦HAVE FUN!!! I know it sounds scary and slightly intimating to be part of a group play scene – but they are a lot of fun when you got a good vibe! People laugh, cheer each other on and have really special moments together 😊

Are you looking for tips on how to make an orgy happen? Read on:

Start to find friends at event/takeover/resort that’s you’re at. Introduce yourself and if there is a spark or interest ask what their rules & boundaries. As the conversation progresses let them know you’re interested in planning an orgy and see if they have any interest.

Once you’ve found the right people who are all down, get to the planning! Get a group chat going (if possible) and set up a night that works for the majority of the people you want attending.

Lay down some ground rules. Have multiple places to play. Consider providing snacks and mix to be a good host & have LOTS of water handy!!!! Also provide towels, condoms, lube and wipes! Let guest know where the showers are if someone needs to go rinse. AND REMEMBER THE RULES OF CONSENT - ASK FIRST & NO MEANS NO!

This can also happen in your hometown too, it doesn’t specifically have to be at an event.

And that’s my 2 cents on orgies! I hope this encourages you to experience some of your own! Need help, advice or more encouragement? Schedule a free session with us – click here!




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