Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


This was our SECOND time at NiN and the second time around was even better!

Below I have shared our highlights during our trip. If you want to join us in 2020, click HERE!

We can't wait to celebrate next year in 2020 with all our friends! This truly is a magical experience!



📱INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER DAY!!! James and I were asked to take over Naughty in N'awlins IG for the day. We got up early - like 9 so we could get ready, grab breakfast and get some groceries. We tried to order Walmart delivery but found out at the end of the order we needed a US credit card (FML!)️

🍻FAMOUS DOOR & A STRIPTEASE!!! We found some friends to head down Bourbon Street to Famous Door - this was the first big party of NiN and we wanted to check it out! No surprise it was PACKED when we got there but we found a spot to shake our booties! It wasn’t long before we ran into a flock of other podcasters - we all exchanged long hugs and started to tear up the dance floor. The MC announced there was a competition and James ENTERED US! I thought it was a banana🍌 deep throat competition - turns out it was a Striptease competition and we BOTH had to take turns. James went first and gave the audience more of a show than me. The other couple killed it - and they were so cute! Next was my turn so I did was any woman would and tore off my top! In the end, we lost lol! But the couple who won totally rocked it and we were happy to see them win!!!

THE DRINKERY TO MAKE SEX SIGNS!!! The Drinkery was actually the first bar we ever visited in New Orleans in 2018! It was already packed and people were making their signs. We visited with other NiNers on the balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. We didn’t spend too long here because I had to go back and change for the parade.

🎉SEXUAL FREEDOM PARADE!!! The lobby was saturated with people when we finally made our way to Bourbon Street for the parade. We saw Bob in the lobby and stopped to take a quick Instagram picture. He told us to follow him where he took us outside to a float and said we could get on (if we wanted to). Of course we said yes and hopped on!!! The parade crawled down Bourbon Street before snaking around to the street beside and back up to the Astor. As always, it was an emotional experience for me especially being on the float! Good thing I was wearing sunglasses to hide my teary eyes!

🍤FOOD!!! We were starving after the parade and good thing I made a reservation! Most of the places had lines including the restaurant we went to, Oceana. We were joined by @averageswingers & @swingingdownunder and we had so much fun that we forgot to take a picture of our group!!!

💋PLAYFLOOR PREVIEW!!! This was the first year that we made it to the preview for the playrooms. We were thrilled that we were able to make it this year! It was really cool to see everything without a bunch of naked people! Each playroom was tastefully decorated and an abundance of consent signs were found throughout the floor. Thank you @nationalcoalitionsexualfreedom and Naughty for communicating consent so well! Also, you can download the consent posters on the NCSF website!

😈DUNGEON PREVIEW!!! Next we had to hustle over to The Saint so we could check out the dungeon. The Saint is a beautiful hotel and only a short walk down the street, it is also overflow for Naughty guests. The suspension room was cozy but had everything you needed it start a scene of your own. The dungeon was equipped with different impact tools, crosses and sex benches. The Dungeon Master was extremely approachable and offered tons of advice to James who asked all the questions!

GLOW NIGHT EDM PARTY!!! This is always a favorite theme of mine!!! This was the first time we got to meet a lot of our friends so for most of the night we stood around the sponsor booths catching up with everybody. James and I did sneak off to dance for a bit because the music was unreal and we love to dance!


BEDTIME!!! It was well past midnight when we ducked out for our room. It was a busy day and we needed some sexy cuddles and rest...

And that wraps up day 1!




PODCASTER MEET N GREET!!! Holy crap! We arrived to a long lineup of people right outside the door. J from @averageswingers was trying to guide people through the door. As we got in there was a table with all the swag from all the different Podcasters so we went out and put our stickers on table (next year=more swag!). It got a little crowded in the lower level so we decided to go upstairs where there was a little bit more room but that filled up very quickly. We were upstairs no more than two minutes before someone came up and said that they had listened to our show. It was so nice to see people around the world who are listening to our show! @twoormoretotango stopped the greet and announced J from @averageswingers as the recipient for podcast show of the year - too funny! He got a sweet award ;) There was also a drink menu with all the podcasters lister which made it extra special when people came in! Kudos to C from @swingingdownunder and to all the podcasters for putting on such a well attended and epic event!

🍤FOOD!!! We had some delicious chargrilled oysters and a po’ boy at Felix’s. This was our second time here, we went in 2018, and again the food was superb!

🎉NAUGHTY AFTERNOON PARTIES!!! We made our way over Krazy Korner and it was absolutely packed! We talked to some people about our show and then decided we wanted to go over to Bourbon Heat because Taara has a nostalgic memory of dancing topless in the bar😜 .


PANEL - THIS IS MY FIRST TIME, HOW DOES ALL THIS WORK? Our first panel of the event was well attended! The moderator killed it and we were joined by @taylor_sparkes@parishblairtv@torridsouls@pwussypartypodcast@swingsetlifeand & @openlove101! We had a great discussion surrounding newbies in the lifestyle and advice for first timers to Naughty.

INTERVIEW!!! Keira stopped by after our panel to do an interview with us about an organization that she volunteers for. It is called @nationalcoalitionsexualfreedom. We did a great interview and had an awesome talk with her! You will get to hear it soon!

🍸FOOD!!! We pre-made reservations at Palace Café for four hoping we would find someone to join us. We got ready for dinner and went down to the lobby to see who we could find. We ran into Swinger Diaries and their friends and if they wanted to join us! They said yes and we had an out of this world dinner with amazing service and great company.

🎭FILLMORES - BLUE BAYOU PARTY!!! We met up with a cute couple local to New Orleans and walked over to Fillmore’s for the Blue Bayou party. The venue was spectacular! I’ve never seen anything like it! James and I danced on the dance floor and had a few drinks. The entertainment did covers and started the party - by the end of it, everybody was on the dance floor!

SLEEPY TIME!!! We stayed at Fillmore‘s until late and then walked back to the hotel and had some sexy time between ourselves!

And that wraps up day 2!

If you want to join us next year click here and sign the eff up! Seriously what are you waiting for!? Questions about the event? DM us! We’d be happy to share more!

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