Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




NAUGHTY NEWS 2019 INTERVIEW WITH @averageswingers & @swingingdownunder! We had arranged an interview with swinging down under and average swingers at 10:30 in the morning. Everyone showed up on time to record and it was an unreal podcast - link in bio to listen (show August 9, 2019). We all added value to the different topics that we just kind of came up with on the spot. It’s really fun to work with other podcast is because it brings out a bit of professionalism in everyone❤️

PANEL - JEALOUSY & FEELINGS!!! We then had to rush off to our panel that again was very well attended! We event had to bring in chairs for overflow! We had the same killer moderator and were joined by E, Shamyra Howard, @coopersbeckett, and @openlove101. It was a great discussion and we all talked about how this something (not even us!) are immune to.


FOOD!!! After the panel we had to get some food so we decided to go with SDC to a place that we had eaten at last year called Curio. They had bottomless Mimosa‘s which ended up being the Achilles’ heel for me! We drank bottomless mimosas until cut off and decided it was time for a new adventure!

FOAM PARTY - THE BEACH!!! Ok so things start to get a little fuzzy from here for me! We ran into a bunch of other Podcasters at this party and danced our asses off!!! and drank a little bit more which probably was a big no-no but we were in the mood.

❓BLANK!!! What happens after??? Only James knows! Good thing he’s with me and always keeping track😅 We got food at some point and went back to C & D’s room to get Captain Cannabis suit and headed our room to get ready for the party!

✨ASTOR PARTY - INTERGALATICA NIGHT!!! Captain Cannabis came out to play!!! James has a suit everyone loved - it was a great conversation started! Kudos to C for finding it! We danced and talked and had a great time with everyone again. We wanted to check out the Saint Suites but time got away from us and I was exhausted!


ROOM TIME!!! We had some sexy time together and passed the EFF out! It was another day filled with excitement, fun and maybe a bit too much booze!

And that wraps up day 3!



INDUSTRY FIELD TRIP WITH BOB & TESS!!! I awoke the next morning looking for water! My head was a little woozy but I pulled myself together quick - there was no way I was missing this trip! We were busy the whole event & didn’t get much of a chance to check out the city, this was the first chance we had! We literally walked from the elevator straight onto the buses and were on our way. We drove down to the Bywater to Bob and Tess’s house where delicious BBQ awaited us. We chatted with the guests and loaded our plates. After we stuffed our bellies, everyone tuned in as Bob made his annual speech. James and I finished the tour of their house and got back on the bus so we could go to our next destination.

STUDIO BE!!! We drove through the art district and took in the beautiful artwork on all the buildings. It was pretty cool! There was so much talent on the walls! We were guided into an art studio gallery where we spent a good hour reading about and viewing all the artwork. It was a zillion degrees lol - good thing my hungover ass remembered my SDC.com fan!!!

PANEL: SACRED SEX!!! Amazingly, we made it back in time for a panel. We even had time to go up to the room to freshen up and pour ourselves a drink! This time we had @8thhouseastrology @parishblairtv @torridsouls Amina and @gingerbentham joining us! The panel was well attended (even though the Ms No Swimsuit contest was going on!) and we had some great discussions.

FOOD!!! I needed some food! And James wasn’t arguing! A friend joined us and we had an EPIC dinner at GW Fins😍 Again the service was killer and the food was 10/10!

 😎INDUSTRY MEET N GREET!!! James and I dressed up and made our way over to the industry meet and greet. It was a good chance for us to chat with other people who owned businesses in the non-monogamy industry. We made some great connections!

ASTOR PARTY - MARDI GRAS NIGHT!!! James and I were so under prepared with what to wear for this evening! We had planned on shopping at some local stores but ran out of time😅 We may due with what we found and moseyed it down to the party! The Dominantrix of Ditties was still playing her act so we got a seat with John & Jackie from @openlove101. She was hilarious! Omg we were laughing so hard!!! After her act, we chatted with friends, shook our booties on the dance floor and went out to the balcony to have some wacky tabacky. Ms Minx found us and said the queen and king were being crowned soon and to get our butts to the ballroom. My heart skipped a beat😶why did she tell us that!?!?

KING & QUEEN ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Bob, Tess, John and Jackie took stage for the announcement. He gave a speech and announced it was US! What the!?!?😳We got on stage, accepted our crowns and James gave a speech while I stood in shock! It was such an honor and a great way to end our trip!!! After the announcement we chatted with everyone who came up to congratulate us and had the biggest grins! I even texted my mom in the bathroom stall to tell her!

SAINT SUITE!!! Last year we missed out on seeing the suites and this year I wasn’t letting that happen! A friend joined us on our trip over there and we weren’t disappointed! The suite was so lavish and sexy! I’d never seen a hotel room so gorgeous! Not only that, it was packed with sexy people ranging from fully nude to sexy clothes😍Some people were talking, some fucking and we even saw a friend of ours dancing on a pole in the corner!!! James went over to watch and chat her up and I stayed with our other friend to tour around and say hi. Seriously peeps - out of this WORLD!!!


ZZZ TIME!!! It was about 3am when we got back to our room. We were just getting undressed when we heard whispering and giggles in the hall. I told James to peep through the peep hole and he saw it was our neighbors with their friends. He whipped open the door and scared the crap out of them before they erupted in laughter. We stood there nakie, giggling and chatted before saying goodnight. I’m pretty sure we had some sexy time before going off to snooze town.

And that wraps up day 4!

If you want to join us next year click here and sign the eff up! Seriously what are you waiting for!? Questions about the event? DM us! We’d be happy to share more with you!


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