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Yoni Eggs

yoni eggs

These yoni eggs are the real deal. 100% natural stone without any dyeing, chemicals or heating treatment.

pleasure wands

Pleasure Wands

Use these products during moments of pleasure to amply your vibration and experience bliss!

crystal toys

Crystal Sex Toys

Incorporate crystals into your play time and feel the difference!



Gilligan's Island

Spiritual & Sexual Wellness

Heal your sexuality, soul and body with these products.


book by Vanessa Cuccia


pleasure pack.PNG

three gifts in one!


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The website also offers a free Yoni Egg 101 Ebook.

Introduces superior grade lubricating oil blends made with hempseed oil.

Chakrubs are sexual wellness products made with 100% natural crystals.

Exquisite crystal pleasure wands and yoni eggs available for purchase.

CBD products to promote sexual wellness and feminine health.

CBD products in a variety of consumption methods.

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