Spark Erotic

Our Spark Connection


Great ideas take time to manifest. Great relationships take time to grow. Anything created with passion takes time to conceive. Our relationship with Spark Erotic was just that. Time. Time to appreciate each other. Time to create a vision. Time to believe in one another.


We first met the couple behind this company as many other Swinger/Lifestyler’s! Actually, through Kasidie! They were actively looking for some fresh talent for their new erotica film company and we were looking to discuss the Lifestyle and educate couples on our erotic experiences. They reached out to us and magically we were able to arrange meeting during a snowy 4 course meal in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

It was more than a business meeting. We talked sex; we talked philosophy; we talked some pretty fucking hot topics. I’m actually sure that most of the staff was hanging on our every word in the distance... We got to know each other so well that, by the end of the dinner, we didn’t know if we should hook up or shake hands. We took the “muggle” route but still had a passionate goodbye.


After the initial meet up we connected more about the possibility of featuring in a film. I shared short stories with them; they provided feedback. We met the other members of the team, Cortez & Pandora, and we Skyped more frequently. James and I both took some time to actually discuss this idea and decided we wanted to experience making an erotica film together. In the end, we agreed that we would end up with some pretty hot film work of the two of us and, being natural exhibitionists, we absolutely loved the idea of turning others on as they watched us. We often made films ourselves and creating a sexy, erotic, professional film of us together turned us really on.

Spark Erotic embodies a similar vision to Sex Uninterrupted. They believe in being sex positive, they believe in intimacy, and they crave to inspire others to search for their sexuality and embrace it. We had an easy time getting along and shaping our ideas together. Eventually we were able to arrange dates for James and I to go to Denver and film. The countdown was on! We Skyped more, made lists of to-dos and ran through the scripts. The night before our flight, Denver was hit with a massive snowstorm. We kept our hopes high that morning at the airport but unfortunately our flights were cancelled. Plan B consisted of two days in the airport waiting on standby and, after that didn’t work, we started planning Plan C – for Canada.


The enthusiasm we had was only mildly dampened and we set to work arranging dates for Spark Erotic to visit our hometown of Calgary, Alberta. We now had two extra months of waiting ahead of us and we all took full advantage of expanding our companies. Spark pushed me to get serious with what our goals were. I redesigned Sex Uninterrupted and they helped with editing my blogs and shared them on their website. They were also starting to get more attention after the release of “Redemption” and also having completed filming two more features during that time.

Ultimately time flew by and before we knew it the two months of waiting was over. They loaded up for the drive to Calgary and we anxiously waited to welcome them to our city. Making our dreams and vision a reality was an amazing adventure. The whole experience was better than either of us could have expected and we both learned a great deal about ourselves and about each other. I can’t wait to share more with you sexies! xoxoxox

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