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Episode 11 - Swinging Online


Episode # 11

Taking Swinging Online

The rise of the internet and online social interaction has played a big impact in the Swinging Lifestyle community. Listen as we discuss how this has shaped the Swinging Lifestyle, tips on how to create an awesome online profile and how to practise safety while exploring online.


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What Role Does the Internet Plays In the Swinging Lifestyle Community

The introduction of easy-to-use social interaction sites has defiantly changed the way people communicate. This is SO true for the swinging lifestyle too.

Not only can we connect much easier than 20 or even 5 years ago…but we also have access to lots of information.

Couples have more access to connect with people who are into what they are into.

There is more information online about Lifestyle events/resorts/clubs that people can access.

People can also access real life reviews which helps ease the comfortability if they are new to the Lifestyle.


Online Profile Tip & Safety Information

Creating an online profile is an art all in itself. You don’t want to put too much information in, but you also need enough to describe yourselves and what you are about.

Start with a solid host site. We like Kasidie or AFF (for more selection but more creeps too).

Take time to be clear and honest about what you include.

Also, you need to be careful of the information you put online and, of course, when meeting people online for the first time.

Use private albums to share photos with other couples online.


Q&A with Taara & James

We each answer:

What was your best experience in the lifestyle so far?

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