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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


Episode # 19

XXXMAS Special From Taara & James

Join us for a sexy Christmas special as we say good-bye to 2016! We reflect on what we have accomplished this last year and discuss our plans for the future! Sex Uninterrupted is growing into our dreams and we couldn’t be happier!


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F*ck you 2016!

Although 2016 did open tons of new doors for us, it wasn’t an easy year! Personally we experienced job losses from the economy, a flooded house, a move, 2 accidents (NOT OUR FAULT!) and some other little hiccups along the way.


I think a lot of people are looking forward to moving past this year but we feel it is also important to acknowledge the good things too! Too often people get focused on the negatives that they forget to be grateful for the good things!  So let’s talk about the good things that have happened for us!

1. We met an AWESOME group of swinger lifestylers and have really grown our friendships with others in the lifestyle.

2. The website has grown enormously!  From the dinky little blog Taara started to the full blown website we have created…we are proud.

3. We got the podcast up and running and NOW we are RECORDING episode 19!

4. We got the chance to work with Club Ménage and learned how to be pros at hosting events at a Club.  We also made a great friendship with the owners!

5. We got to work with Spark Erotic have the passion and love we have for each other captured on film.  It was a very rewarding thing for us to do together and we are so excited/happy/proud on where we are going with Spark Erotic. Again we have made some lifelong friends that we value & cherish.

6. So happy for Swinger Social growing with every month! So many people are grateful for the mid-week meet and mingle once a month!

Bring on 2017

What do we have planned for 2017!?!!?!

1. One major thing we want to do more of is TRAVEL.  SWINGER TRAVEL.  End of January we already have plans to go to Denver so we are trying hard to get out there more and experience more of what the Lifestyle is in other cities!

2. Start YouTube Channel!

3. Do more erotica films!

4. Doing our Erotic SU Events with Ménage & continue to make the Monthly Swinger Social Grow!

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