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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


Episode # 21

Our First Swinger Hotel Takeover

Finally we have a hotel takeover under our belt. Just in time for Dirty Vegas in May! We talk about our sexy weekend and what it was like to be behind the scenes helping out with the amazing couple from EPIC LS Events!


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Smoke Show! - what we are puffing

Jack Herer - Sativia

Using our Bong!

Our First Hotel Takeover Experience

Not only was this our first time at a takeover, we also hosted the icebreakers the first night!

  1. How it was working with EPIC LS Events!

  2. How did our Friday night go?

  3. Staying on the party floor!


  5. The vibe <3 (consent, safety, no fighting)

  6. Things we heard Swingers say!

  7. Workshops & Seminars

Q&A Time

Question from James to Taara

Question from Taara to James

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