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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


Episode # 23

Discovering Your "Sweet Spot"

This week we talk about discovering your “Sweet Spot” within the Swinger Lifestyle community! Don’t know what that means? Well, we coined the term after being asked by many people how we manage to create strong bonds with an assortment of local Lifestylers. If you have always wanted to discover your sweet spot then we suggest you listen…


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Smoke Show! - what we are puffing

Blueberry - Indica

Using our Volcano!

Your Sweet Spot

  1. What do we mean by sweet spot?

  2. How did we discover our sweet spot?

  3. Progression and growth in the Swinger Lifestyle.

  4. What can couples (and singles) do to experiment to find their sweet spot?

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