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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


Episode # 23

To New Beginnings

We took a break from pod-casting for FIVE months and are SO HAPPY TO BE BACK! This was a pilot that we recorded in early October but had technical difficulties with. There was too much good info to not share so although it is raw and far from perfect, it’s from our hearts and made with love!

Happy Swinging!


Show Introduction/Information/Summary


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Smoke Show! - what we are puffing

Rockstar (Rck) - Indica Cross

Using our NEW BONG!

Note for Newbies

Lately we have been running into a lot of new couples to the LS. We couldn’t be happier as this is our GOAL! Help the new couples navigate the LS community!

  • We share some tips for new couples entering the LS

Being True to You

Having 5 months off to work on our relationship and LS relationships was awesome! We feel refreshed, re-energized and have a new found love and appreciation for each other. We are also practicing more honesty and communication – especially Taara. We talk about how this has impacted us and those around us.


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