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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


Episode # 24

Let's Go Deep into the Lifestyle Discussion

One of our best podcast to date! We dive into what the Lifestyle really is to us and how we adopt this way of “being” in our lives. We also got a great viewer topic to discuss and some juicy feedback about how our Tantra course went!


Show Introduction/Information/Summary


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Smoke Show! - what we are puffing

Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD) - 18.8 % THC

Using our NEW BONG!

Viewer Topic Suggestion

How couples can “act” when they start out in the Lifestyle. Are you “acting” instead of “being”? Are you being true to you? Aftercare and feelings are important!

Re-Discussing the Question: What is the “Lifestyle”?

Taara’s thoughts after a profound conversation with O from Club Menage

Embracing the Lifestyle

Ladies of the Lifestyle Group

What’s this all about?

Swingers vs. Polyamorous vs. Lifestyle

We talk about the difference

Tantra Workshop Complete!

Wow! What an experience!


Sex-Positive Goals

We each share our sex / relationship goal for the next podcast!

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