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Episode # 28

Guest Interview Part 2:

Professional Nurse Jess | Sexual Health and the Risks Involved in an Open Relationship

This episode we interview a local family nurse practitioner ("NP") who considers herself LS friendly. She has followed her entrepreneurial spirit and launched her own mobile medical clinic where she provides an alternative to the “regular family Doctor”. She offers her service without judgement of sexual history or lifestyle choice. We are delighted to share this discussion where Jess covers a broad range of sexual health questions and shares her insightful knowledge.


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Guest Interview - Nurse Jess


Our guest today is family nurse practitioner ("NP") and considers herself LS-friendly! She has decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and provide a comfortable and personable service to individuals that are looking for an alternative to traditional medical clinics. Please welcome our friend, Founder of Direct Health Solutions, Jess, onto SU on the Air!

What is your company Direct Health Solutions all about?

Can you give a comparison on the difference between the typical Walk-in clinic vs what you are offering?

Since you are LS Friendly, what sort of questions do you ask or don’t ask that are different from what a family doctor might ask during a routine checkup?

Is there a higher risk of contracting something if you are shaved or unshaved in the pubic area?

What is your recommended frequency of getting tested if you are in the LS?

What is the cost for an individual to get a standard STI test?

Please describe to the listeners what should be your course of action if you feel like you have contracted something?

Is there any way to test for how long someone has had and infection?

How long does it take for something to show up on an STI test?

Can you share more about Herpes? Is it “testable”? Is it only contractible when you have an outbreak?

Period sex. I think a lot of people in the LS are ok with it but are there any additional precautions or awareness one should have when playing on her period?

How are the most common STI & HIV contracted? Like which bodily fluids put you at risk?

Anal sex safety. Is anal sex safer than regular sex? Is douching safe?

Does mineral oil or any kind of oil make anal sex less safe? Condom safe?

As a nurse practitioner, are you able to give prescriptions to individuals that would test positive for something? Male performance enhancing drugs?

What are some of the health risks men take when taking performance enhancing drugs? Should you be drinking when taking these drugs? (Viagra, Cialis, Lavitra etc.)

Squirting!!! Is there a higher risk if a woman is a squirter?

Thank you so much for you knowledge and sharing your story with our listeners. I am sure it is valued information for a lot of young couples out there! THANK YOU!

Find out more about Direct Health Solutions HERE!


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