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Episode # 29

Living with Anxiety & Drug Use in the Swinger

This episode has been one we both are a little nervous to touch on. Which means it probably needs to be discussed. Anxiety is a part of who I am. I am a hyper sensitive person and as I result I take on a lot of other energies and feel on a very deep level. Navigating this has caused anxiety in my life and it’s also something I experience while exploring non monogamy. Anxiety can occur in a variety of forms whether it be body image, sexual performance or you felt someone didn’t like you and it’s common to see lots of people suffering from this in the LS. I wanted to share my story and what I do to relieve myself of it - hopefully you find some value in it! This topic also rolls into drug use in the LS. A lot of people (myself included!) soothe anxiety with drugs. It’s an element of the LS that I see quite openly and frequently but rarely find dialogue surrounding it.


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Living with Anxiety in the LS


  • Taara’s story about anxiety: Use to get really sick-physically sick. Nausea and stomach problems were common before any event. Jitters are normal but the anxiety was enough to prevent us from going out some evenings. Which is hard when you are a host! It seemed to be getting worse and something had to be done because I couldn’t continue to live like this.

  • Learning how to manage your anxiety.

    • I was able to get a handle on my anxiety and experience the feeling less than even a year ago. It’s taken a lot of self work and work as a couple. It definitely affects us both.

    • I had to start incorporating a lot of communication and self care into my life. I had to communicate with James when things would cause a feeling of anxiety - how would he know otherwise? I had to be aware that rushing to a LS event or having a busy week leading up to a LS night would cause more anxiety. Giving myself space & time to remain calm helps a lot! Not rushing around/into things.

    • I had to become self aware of my anxiety and accept it as part of “Taara” instead of drinking booze or doing drugs to mute it. I believe a lot of people over drink and indulge in drugs to cover up their feelings of anxiety or uncomfortability. It’s something I have done in the past - more than James for sure because I am the one with the anxiety.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY! Seriously. If you are sensitive like me to energies and anxiety you need to remove the C.A.T.S. in your diet! Or at least detox and see what changes come from that. What are C.A.T.S.? Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar.

  • Writing and keeping lists seemed to help a lot too. My brain is always be on the go and sometimes not writing those things down creates anxiety because I am always thinking of them!

  • CBD, meditation and Yoga! CBD has been a HUGE reliever for me when it comes to my anxiety. Unfortunately travelling is difficult because it’s not legal medication everywhere.

  • I did ask my Instagram followers for their advice and some great responses I got was: dancing, fucking, baking,. exercise and avoid overthinking.

  • Please let us know if you experienced anxiety! We would love to hear more about this topic from our listeners.

Drug Use in the LS


  • Drugs are pretty common in any party scene so it’s not surprising they are seen in the Swinger Lifestyle too. A lot of the LS is parties and events which revolve around drinking. People are drinking, letting loose and staying up LATE. A lot of people use them to cover up issues they may be feeling like anxiety or jealousy or uncomfortability.

  • We share our experience with Drugs before and after the Lifestyle.

  • It is something that needs awareness to it. It’s not bad but it’s a delicate balance.

  • Discussing drugs in a party atmosphere.

  • Communicating drug use with your partner or partners.

  • Safety! Watch for overdosing! It’s scary but this can and has happened. It is extremely scary to have someone overdosing at a sex/swinger party. Watch out for those around you.

  • Test your drugs and test out your dosages.


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