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Episode 3 - All About Swinger Lifestyle Clubs!


Episode # 3

All About Swinger Lifestyle Clubs

We cover all there is to know about the Swinger Lifestyle Clubs with our sexy friends in a special interview. What to expect, our experiences and if it’s right for you!.


Show Introduction/Information/Summary


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What we are Puffing

Sativa – Walter White

Using our Volcano!

Swinger Lifestyle Clubs

What are Swinger Lifestyle clubs?

What kind of people attend these venues?

How can you find the right one for you?

Typical rules

Tips if you want to go

Interview with Chasity Lee & Damon

Introduction of our special interviewees!

How they found the Swinger Lifestyle and what it is to them


Chasity Lee and Damon on Swinger Lifestyle clubs

Venues they visited and their experiences

Why they visit Lifestyle clubs

Tips for couples new to Lifestyle Clubs

Upcoming Events

Calgary events can be found here!!!

Edmonton events can be found here!!!

Vancouver events can be found here!!!

Regina events can be found here!!!

International events can be found here!!!

The End

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