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Episode 19 - XXXmas Special from Sex Uninterrupted


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Guest Interview:

Oasis Aqualounge Shares what a Sex Club is Like, Opens up the LGBTQ Community & Receives our Praise

Have you heard about Oaisis Aqualounge? It’s a progressive, fun-filled sex club located in downtown Toronto! We had the pleasure of interviewing Fatima Mechtab - the Marketing Director and Event Producer - and got a feel for what this club has to offer. We discuss bisexual men, what full nudity is like EVERYWHERE, the trans community their values and goals and how involved they are in the LS community! You won’t want to miss this juicy insider interview!


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Guest Interview: Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge

This is our first long distance interview and we are super excited to welcome Fatima Mechtab from Oasis Aqualounge. Fatima Mechtab is the Marketing Director and the Event Producer for Oasis Aqualounge. She kindly shares what it’s like at a sex club in Toronto and all the wonderful things this club does to promote the community in a positive way!

  • What is the vision of Oasis? What do you represent?

  • Let’s hear a bit about Oasis - how big is it? What is it like? What is your capacity?

  • What is the LS community like it GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?

  • Is Oasis a swinger club? What would you describe it as? Why are people attracted to attending your club?

  • Oasis allow full nudity - what is that like for guests?

  • You oversee many of the events and projects, what are you involved in? What are your favorites?

  • Does Oasis offer workshops? What are they?

  • What is the Oasis Porn project?

  • What does the club do for bisexual men?

  • What do you offer to the trans community?

  • Can you share more about your Under 35 event. Why is education important for young adults?

  • What is the Oasis Aqua Flirt Team?

  • What’s your membership options?

  • What are the club rules surrounding single males?

  • What do you use your YouTube channel for?

  • Can we talk about ethical porn?


Thank you so much for providing such great conversation Fatima! We truly feel like Oasis is a progressive club that everyone needs to check out!


Find out more about Oasis Aqualounge HERE!

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