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Episode 4 – Rules and Boundaries!


Episode # 4

Rules & Boundaries in the Swinger Lifestyle

Rules and boundaries build the foundation for your experience in the Swinging Lifestyle. We discuss what exactly rules and boundaries are, why you need to establish them and how to communicate them to other couples!


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Using our Volcano!

What are Rules and Boundaries when it comes to the Swinging Lifestyle

What are rules and boundaries?

Why are rules and boundaries important?

How couples come up with their rules and boundaries.

Our rules and boundaries.

How to discuss your Rules and Boundaries within the Swinging Lifestyle

Why is it important to discuss your rules and boundaries with other couples?

These also apply when playing with singles. Everyone’s personal comfort should be top priority.

Sometimes you will run into a situation where you don’t agree with another couples rules & boundaries.

Before playing with a new couple, rules and boundaries should be discussed!

Q&A Time

What if someone don't agree with our rules and boundaries?

How often should we discuss our rules and boundaries?

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