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Episode 5 – Swinger Lifestyle Vacations


Episode # 5

Swinger Lifestyle Vacations

Ever thought about visiting one of the Swinger Lifestyle resorts offered to couples? We discuss what options you have and our personal experience at one of them!


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What we are Puffing

Hybrid – Silver Kush

Using our Volcano!

What are Lifestyle Resorts and where can we find the major ones?

What exactly is a Lifestyle resort?

Not everyone who visits these places are lifestylers – some go to enjoy the more upbeat and fun atmosphere.

Sometimes an event is organized at a hotel and a hotel takeover happens.

What is Hedonism II like?

What is Desire Resort & Spa and Desire Pearl Resort like?

What is Temptation Resort like?.

Our Lifestyle Resort experience and what to expect

What to expect on a Swinger Lifestyle vacation.

What are some good tips for couples new to a lifestyle vacation.

Our personal swinger lifestyle travel experiences discussed.!

Q&A Time

Did you leave Hedonism II when you were there and do some sightseeing?

What did you tell people who didn’t know about the Lifestyle side of you?

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