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Episode 7 – Relationship Equality


Episode # 7

Relationship Equality

Happy wife happy life? Is this a smart idea to adopt when it comes to your relationship? How about within the Swinging Lifestyle? Our opinion on this topic!


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Using our Volcano!

Why we can’t relate to the saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

Why would you try to make someone happy if you're not happy with yourself first?

Being happy with yourself is the first step in finding someone you can be happy with.

We took a little time before we got together and made sure this was the best decision for us as individuals.

We needed to find happiness within ourselves before we could share that happiness together.

We believe a happy relationship comes from having similar goals, similar life paths, similar interest (watching TV shows together) some compromising.

How does this relate to the Swinging Lifestyle?

Q&A Time

James, do you think it is important to make/keep your wife happy?

Taara, if you were with a guy that followed the mantra “happy wife, happy life” how would that relationship go?

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