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Hi Taara & James. I felt overwhelmingly compelled to write you today. Compelled to say thank you for the site you've built. It's brilliant. The work you've done here, expressing your thoughts on the lifestyle, is extraordinary. How beautiful, impressive and intelligent your website is. The messages, and themes expressed within sexuninterrupted.com come with a level of sincerity you don't see very often. Much of what you say...words both written and spoken, validated hopes and ideals that are very important to me personally. The same hopes and ideals that have sometimes caused me to feel guilt and shame...but not today. Today, I feel as though I met friends who view sexuality the same wondrous way I do. I'm not alone. Juilt and shame replaced with integrity and pride.

I found your blog when I was searching about Hedonism 2 resort. I loved reading your experience

We just stumbled across your podcast - it's nice to see some Canadian representation in the lifestyle podcast land. You certainly have a fun and informative feel.

Good day! We have so many questions, where to begin... First, i'd like to thank you for your time spent in creating and maintaining the site; information relating to the local scene in Calgary is a challenge to find.

 interestingly enough i discovered you today on Instagram. and have enjoyed your story and the way you present your journey. 

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