Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


This was our FIRST Young Swingers Week trip at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica

We didn't know what to expect when we said yes to attending this trip 2 weeks before it started! It was a whirlwind of getting prepped for the nightly themes, getting rid of tan lines and mentally preparing to be naked among 550+ people under 45 years of age! Overall, we had an incredible time! Hosting the event at Hedonism II is a game changer and from the resort and event aspect - we had our minds blown!

You have to potential to do anything at Young Swingers Week. Read a book naked on the beach or party naked in the nude pool with 200 other people. The world is your oyster!

We can't wait to attend this sexy event again! If you want to come with us - join us in October 2019 for another outstanding event!



To get the full picture of this trip we have to start at the beginning. The VERY beginning! 24 hours before our first plane departed we went online to check in. It was then that we realized our flights had been changed. Because of the recent 737 plane crash some of the Westjet fleet had been grounded - including our flight! Instead of flying to Toronto on Friday at 6:30 pm for a 9 hour layover before taking off to Jamaica, we were now destined to leave Friday at 11 am for a 6hr layover then Ottawa for another 6hr Layover before taking off for Jamaica!


Immediately we started to panic! We got on the phone with Westjet and waited the 25 minutes to speak to someone. Thank god we called when we did because the 6 pm news was just starting and they were sharing the plane grounding news. The wait time online increased to over 45 minutes!


We got through to an agent and she totally helped us out. She was able to get us to Toronto on the new Dreamliner plane with and overnight layover (we got a hotel with airmiles) and then an afternoon flight to Montego Bay flying FIRST CLASS! Everything worked out in the end - thank you universe!

The next day we got up early, finished packing, said goodbye to our animals and were off to the airport. The plane was out of this world beautiful! It was only in the air 3 times before our trip so everything was new and clean and fancy! We got to Toronto early evening and had some dinner with James’ cousin. The martinis were too good and I may have gotten a little tipsy! After dinner it was off to bed for us because we had a long day of travel before us before arriving home!



So the martinis, excitement, nerves and pre-flight craziness caught up to me and I woke up with a slight headache and need to throw up this morning! Thank god we weren’t on an early flight so I was able to nurse the hangover before getting ready for breakfast with my family that lives in Toronto.


They picked us up mid-morning and we found a cute little dive cafe to catch up at. I wasn’t able to eat much of my meal but the conversation and company was great! We even shared a bit about what we did with Sex Uninterrupted and they totally loved it! After breakfast they dropped us off at the airport and we went through security quickly (there was NO LINE!).


On the flight to Montego Bay we got the VERY FIRST ROW of the plane! It was soooo nice! I have never flown with this leg room! Let’s just say it was a great start to our Jamaica journey! Once we got on the plane I got a message from a couple saying they saw our Instagram story and they were on the same flight! That meant we had some buddies to take the shuttle with after the flight!!!


The flight was awesome - I mean we were in the front row! And we landed in Montego Bay a few hours later. We met up with the couple who was on our flight and met IRL (in real life) for the first time! We talked online before but never in person! The shuttle was ready to go shortly after and we took a pee break (highly recommend this) before taking the long journey to Hedonism!


Unfortunately for us Friday evenings are the WORST for Jamaica traffic. It took us 45 minutes to go only a few meters! These are the times you want to take the Tim Air Plane!!! Eventually we made it - after a gruelling 3 hour shuttle…


When we arrived we were greeted with the familiar “Welcome Home!” from the staff. Seriously it was so surreal to be back after FOUR YEARS! Lots had changed around the resort. The front entrance, the check in desk, the main dining hall...so many changes!!! We were quickly checked in, got our room key and rolled our luggage to our room. We like to unpack and set up our room first thing so that’s what we did. We bought twinkle lights and coloured light bulbs to sexify the room and it really did make a difference!


After we finished unpacking we went back to the main dining hall to get some food in us. There wasn’t that much to choose from so we stuck to salad and devoured it within minutes. After inhaling our food we saw some of the industry people/sponsors nearby and went over to introduce ourselves. Everyone was so welcoming and warm! Finally we got to meet Brett, Charlie, Arienne - all these people we have talked to online or over the phone but NEVER MET! I gotta say it was pretty cool!


It was a long day of travel so we kept our socializing short. We needed rest BAD! We said good night to the crew and went off to our room BUT James wanted to find our special rock we painted 4 year ago. We went to the spot we left it in the Eden Garden and... it was GONE!!! Sad face!!! We searched for a bit but it was hard in the dark so we called it a night and head back to our room. When we go back we saw some friends left some gifts on our door handle -  a couple of joints! We smoked one before bed and then turned in for the night dreaming about what excitement laid ahead of us!

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