Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




The next morning we had to wake up relatively early so that we could get ready for Young Swingers Week check ins. James was kind enough to hit up the breakie buffet while I showered and got ready. We ate in our room and then headed to the Social Room to set up!


This was the FIRST TIME we were meeting all the industry peeps and sponsors sooo I was a little nervous. We got to the Social Room and met Kate Maxx right away. She helped the check in lady make our necklaces and we were set to go! We got a table to deck out so we set up and started going around the room talking with everyone. The sponsors we met were Sex Because, Kate Maxx,  Naked News girls Marina Valmont & Frankie Kennedy, DJ Cerino, Carol & David from The Sexy_Lifestyle Network,  Hi Massager, Kasidie,  Leather Masters, The X Club Toronto, Swinging Local, Spicy Match, SDC & The Oh Challenge! Honestly this group of people were incredible! They totally took us under their wings & showed us the YSW host ropes!

We did check in from 10-12:30 and got to meet the first round of Young Swingers that arrived at Hedo. There were plenty of sexy, young non monogamous couples that we talked to! I was actually pretty impressed with how many different couples we saw! Some were veterans and some only explored soft swap! There was lots of variety and lots of couples from all over the non monogamous map!


After check in we got a bite to eat because we had our Naked News interview at 3:30 pm. We went to the prude grill and got MY FAVORITE jerk chicken. After eating we found the lovely Marina Valmount and a quiet space to do our nakie interview! The recording went great and we made a new friend with Marina at the end :)


After the interview we went back to our room to prepare for the second check in and found a bottle of champagne in our room! The kind staff at Hedo noticed it was James birthday and sent a gift to the room! We popped the bottle and enjoyed a glass as we got ready. At 5pm we went back to the Social Room for another round of check ins with champagne bottle in hand! We met with the Young Swingers checking in, handed out swag and made some interview plans with a few couples. After a couple hours check in closed and we were free!


We went back to our room to get ready for the evening. The theme was Pasties vs. Lingerie/Boxers vs. Briefs. I had a sexy pastie outfit and James wore his Saxx (of course)! We didn’t have dinner plans with anyone so we were went to the buffet together and made some friends to sit with.


The champagne from earlier gave me a little buzz and after dinner we went out to the Upper Deck Pool for the first night of dancing and festivities! We talked and danced with lots of different people - there were so many sexy costumes and people! Everyone was so easy to talk to as well - and very kind!


Around midnight we started to talk to another couple - things got steamy and there was instant connection and one thing lead to another...before long we were heading back to their room! We spent some super sexy steamy time with them before saying good bye and going back to our room  - giggling and on cloud nine! It was a late night but totally worth it! A great way to kick off our first Young Swingers Week!



Happy St. Patrick's Day! James was kind enough to get breakfast for me again in the morning. I was thankful because I was a tad tired from the shenanigans the night before :P


We got dressed and headed to the Social Room to check in the next round of Young Swingers! From 10 until 11:15 am we talked with different couples from all over the world! It was kinda neat to listen to everyone’s story and find out what brought them to YSW.


We left the Social Room at 11:15 so that we would make it in time for Beginning Swinging 101 seminar hosted by Charlie & Arienne. They both ROCKED the stage and did a great job at explaining the basics and fundamental of consensual non monogamy. We cheered them on from our seats! At the end of the seminar they volunteered us and another couple to demonstrate “an awkward swinger moment”. It was pretty funny to participate in BUT also good for others to see ANYONE can end up in an awkward situation where they have to use their voice!


Everyone cleared out after the seminar and James and I decided it was time to put some work hours in. We grabbed our laptops from our room and went back to the dining hall to go through emails and catch up before the Monday work week start. We spent a couple hours hanging out and got teased as people passed us by - yes we realize we were working in Jamaica...BUT WE WERE WORKING IN JAMAICA! I mean, I was pretty happy to be working there instead of somewhere else :P

Our stomachs’ started to grumble which meant work time was coming to and end! We packed up and went back to our room to get ready for the beach grill. Once we got some grilled cheese in our system we went over to the nude pool to hang out and make some new friends.


Of course the nude pool never disappoints! We talked with a few different couples as we hung around the edge of the pool soaking up the sun and smoking joints. There were SO MANY PEOPLE in the pool and hanging out! Nude bodies everywhere! I loved it! We saw some musical blowjobs going on as well...it was like being on another world!


We only got to hang out for an hour or so before we had to be back at the Social Room for check ins. We said goodbye to the people we were hanging with and went back to the room to change into some St. Patty’s Day swag We did the second round of check ins from 4 until 6 pm and again met TONS of amazing couples! This time there were more naked people coming through - most had spent the day at the pool and had a good buzz going on! This made for some wicked conversations!


Some other sponsors invited us for dinner after check ins. Of course we said yes and after check in we got ready and met the group at Flame - the new Steakhouse on the prude beach. We had great conversations and made some pretty incredible connections at that dinner. We are always grateful to connect with others in our industry and who have a passion that is as strong as ours <3


I had a sexy St. Patty’s Day costume ready for the evening so once we finished up dinner James and I went back to the room so I could change (and roll some more joints of course!). It didn’t take long to get ready and soon we were skipping to the party and ready to dance!


Let me just say one thing - th costumes for St. Patrick’s Day were SEXY AF! Seriously there were so many creative and sexed to the max costumes! When I was talking with people I couldn’t keep my eyes from checking everyone out! So bad! LOL


We danced the night away with our new sexy friends and had a serious blast! At one point Miss Frankie from Naked News went into the upper deck pool and started a trend! Marina and some of the dancers soon joined her and then everyone started going in! It was quite a sight to see everyone having so much fun!!!


James and I were starting to hit a wall so (I think) around 1 am we said our goodbyes to everyone we were dancing with and went back to our room - ready for sleep! It was only Day 3 and we still had FIVE full days to go!!!


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