Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




This was a good day! We did a lot but never felt rushed or over exerted! This morning James and I went to get food together. We both had a restful sleep so we were able to get up early with time to get ready for breakfast. I saw other guys filling up two plates while I was grabbing my food so I knew I wasn’t the ONLY one on the resort who asked their man to get morning food LOL!


We had our last day of check in today and the first session was from 10 until 11:15 am. Again we hung out in the Social Room and welcomed all the Young Swingers who needed to check in. Again there was a large group and this time it was tame (probably because it was still quite early and there was a wild party the night before!).


Immediately after check in we went to to Dining Hall to support Charlie and Arienne from Sex Because and their Kink & BDSM Beginning 101 Seminar. Of course those two knocked it out of the park AGAIN by sharing their experiences and knowledge.


After their seminar (we were running behind by this point - island time!) we started to organize the Speed Dating. There were TON of people that showed up for this one! The dance floor quickly became full and so we had to move people up onto the stage! James and I took turns giving people a topic of conversation and for a solid hour everyone was able to quickly chat with someone new! We organize speed dating at home and always love hosting this event! It was pretty special to host this at Young Swingers Week!

When Speed Dating ended we had to wrap up quick and head down to the prude beach. GOAT RACES WERE STARTING SOON! There was already a TON of people lined up to watch the races! Some naked, some clothed - nearly 200 I would say! And of course, the goats! Kate Mazz was the MC and we cheered everyone on that participated in the Naked Goat Races. Such a sight to see!


Since everyone was already gathered, there was an announcement telling people it was time for the group photo. I would say 120+ people gathered on the wall and cheered as the camera snapped some shots! It was pretty cool - I can’t wait to see what it looks like!


The hula hooping competition was going to be going on at the nude pool soon and I didn’t want to miss it! So after the photo we headed over to sign up. I was the first one that signed up - and that got me feeling pretty nervous! But Kate Maxx soon rounded up a large group of people (mostly women but a few guys too!) that wanted to participate! Because there were so many people participating, we had to be broken into groups. As soon as I got the hula hoop in my hand I naturally showed off - I did take classes for a few years to have those few moments like this LOL! We only had to keep the hula hoop up and I won my round! The prizes that I got to pick from were pretty sweet too!


We hung around the nude pool before going back to our room to get ready for the LAST CHECK IN! From 6 until 7 pm we finished up checking in everyone. The final group was pretty rowdy! I think we saw some blowjobs and pussy licking going on in the Social Room!


We got ready after checking in for the Animal Magnetism night and went for dinner at Harrysan - the Japanese restaurant. We made a new group of friends thanks to the communal dining and had a blast signing songs with each other as the chef prepped our meals!


The party was already starting when dinner was going on so as soon as we finished we exchanged contact info with our new friends and headed over to the party at the Upper Deck Pool. We partied and danced and talked and smoked joints! It was a fabulous night! It was getting to be late when some friends we were with said they were going to the playrooms. We were interested in going too but wanted to stop at our room first to freshen up. A friend joined us and we headed back to our room. We should have known once we got to the room, we weren’t going to leave! We showed off our sexy lights and immediately the playrooms were a thought of the past!


We had a sexy night and the next morning we realized there was an animal tail left in our room...how ironic!



We got to have a nice little sleep in and cuddle sess in the morning. No more check ins! But we did have an interview at 10:15 so James grabbed some food for me and I got our room ready for Interview #1!


The interview went GREAT! You can actually listen now! (link in bio) We had to rush to the stage for our next gig - hosting the Playroom & Consent Etiquette seminar on the main stage.


The seminar went awesome! We shared some valuable info with the crowd and got a round of applause at the end. After our seminar it was time to host Couples Speed Dating! This event had a low turnout compared to yesterday BUT we still rocked it!


Charlie and Arienne from Sex Because were up next with their Erotic Spanking and Impact Play Seminar. Markus from Leather Masters started off with demonstrating impact and spanking which was SUPER hot to watch! He invited some volunteer couples onto the stage to help demo as well. It was pretty funny to watch them act all nervous at first and by the end get totally into it! After the main stage demo the group went to the Social Room which was converted into a more sensual play environment to experiment with what you learned.


We had to duck out of part two of the seminar unfortunately so that we could meet our second couple for interview number two! We had another great interview (make sure to listen!) and by the end we were starving! We had a busy morning! We headed to our favorite prude grill for jerk chicken and grilled cheese and took in all the sights of Young Swingers Week!


The OHCH wedding was starting at 5pm so we went back to our rooms to get ready for the event and headed to the beach. We still had time to kill, and the sunset was just starting, so we snuck off to the water edge near the trees for a quick sunset blowjob!!! It was sooooo sexy!!! james got some crazy hot footage!


We wrapped up just in time to grab some champagne and find a spot to view the wedding. It was so beautiful too! I cried my eyes out and I think even James shed a few too. It was truly heartwarming to see two people in the Lifestyle come together and declare their love for one another IN THEIR OWN WAY. So special!


We didn’t have any dinner plans so we decided to try out the buffet. I had some AWESOME pasta and we found some friends to sit with too! Funny how that always works at Hedo!


The theme night was EDM Rave Glow Party and we were still in our wedding attire, so after dinner we said ciao to our friends and went back to change into our EDM costumes. We made it back in time to participate in the best costume on stage and although we didn’t win, we still got some Hedo bucks!


The party started to amp up after that and we danced the night away raver style at the upper deck pool party. Another night of dancing under the stars to awesome music with awesome people!


I think we finally decided to call it a night at 1 am and headed back to our room. Our neighbours were just getting back to their room too and instead of bed we asked them if they wanted to hang out in the hot tub near our rooms. They were in! So we rolled up a J and went to hang out! We talked for an hour or so before calling it a night and going back to our rooms for bed! It was a crazy wonderful awesome day and we needed our beauty sleep!

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