Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




We got to have another morning of sleeping in and cuddles before going to the breakfast buffet. It was fab! We enjoyed a quiet breakfast together and shortly after we finished the Sensory Deprivation and Stimulation Seminar with Charlie and Arienne from Sex Because started. They shared some information from the main stage before heading back to the Social Room to put the words into action!


We had to miss part 2 again as we had our live radio show back on the main stage with Carol & David from The Sexy Lifestyle Network. We had a blast recording with them and we interviewed one couple and one single (her partner was shy!). She was only 23 and I loved hearing her take on Young Swingers Week and what fun she was finding! I couldn’t imagine being 23 and finding Young Swingers Week! Life would have been a lot different LOL!


We were running behind schedule (Jamaica time!) and finished our show late. Our next interviewees for our show were already waiting for us in the crowd! So as soon as we finished we went back to our room with the couple we were interviewing and THANK GOD the maid already came through! We had an amazing recording with the couple and they were able to share more about the seminar portions we missed because they attended them all! it was great to get their insight :)


We had another interview scheduled in our room shortly after so James went to get some lunch from the prude grill while I waited in the room. Before long I had four people walking into our room! I guess James found another couple and we were going to do back-to-back recordings with 2 couples!

We actually had a super fun time recording with the crew. One of the couples was our neighbor and also fellow Canadians so we already had a good friendship building and good vibes for the show. It took probably an hour or more to record and finish everything and after we were done I wanted some beach time!


We thanked our guests and they went off to the nude pool to find some fun. We got ready and went down to the prude beach to relax and soak up some sun. We grabbed drinks along the way and smoked a J down by the water. It was so nice and relaxing! It wasn’t too long before a couple we knew from Naughty in Nawlins strolled up. They grabbed a seat and talked with us a bit...nautua.ly the conversation turned a little naughty and we invited them to our room for some afternoon delight! We had a dinner plans in a couple hours so we had to make this a quick afternoon delight - and they were totally down LOL! :P


They were respectful of our dinner date and kissed us goodbye with enough time to shower and get ready. We met with our friends from SDC shortly after and had a wonderful meal at the Pastafari restaurant. The moon was full that evening and I could feel the fire in our conversation over dinner! So many good vibes!


After dinner James and I went back to the room to dress in theme - Steampunk/Fetish! We got sexified up and went back to the main stage to watch the Fetish Show put on by the resort. It was SPECTACULAR! Seriously sexy! We watched the entire show and then Brett asked all us sponsors onto the stage to thank us and also share the big announcements coming up for Young Swingers Week! You can listen to this announcement on our April 8th radio show interview with Brett (link in bio)!


Following the announcement the party started! We were all invited down to the beach to big event! On the beach there were fire dancers, fire breathers, exotic outfits for dancers, snake charmers, fire hula hooping and all under the full moon! It was magical! And there was no expense spared! It was an epic party with epic people! And everyone participated in the theme too! Beyond SEXY!


We had a fun night dancing and talking with people and once the party wrapped up and people started to go off to the hot tubs or nude pool, we sang Little Mermaid on the beach with some friends!


It had been a busy day and we were beat - so we called it a night around 2 am and went to bed! Dreaming about what tomorrow would bring!



We did the glorious thing of sleeping in until 11am! Which was actually the latest we slept in the entire trip! We had a lazy morning and took sexy bedroom photos in the room before taking the photoshoot outside.


We found a few sexy and private locations to snap a few sexy photos (that we share on our Patreon member only website!). We casually walked around for a couple hours before our tummy’s started to grumble. We went down to our trusty prude grill for some food and found some friends to sit and have lunch with.


We thought we needed some party time after our lazy morning so we packed up after lunch and went to the nude pool for some fun! We found some friends to chat with, got some drinks and took in the sights and sex! The Swinging Local hosts were setting up the naked twister so we decided to help out. I mean I HAD to see this! Katt Maxx helped out (and I think she participated) in the Naked Twister too! It was actually pretty funny and a really fun time to watch!


We got invited by some friends to dinner off the resort for the evening and couldn’t say no! It sounded like we were going to a special place with an intimate group and I was pretty excited to check it out! We needed to get ready so after Naked Twister we went back to our room to freshen up and get ready for dinner.


We met the crew in the lobby and took two cabs to the restaurant. Went to dinner at Xtabi on the cliffs and it was truly a beautiful sight! Under the restaurant were caves that we went into and explored. We also took some naughty photos LOL! This place was known for its lobster so of course that's what we ordered. The food took long but we got to watch the beautiful sunset from our outdoor table.


Dinner was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Seriously so delicious! And well worth the wait! There were lots of Wild Puss (feral cats) and I couldn’t help but share some of my meal with them. I know you're not supposed to but I love animals just way too much! At the end of dinner our friends ordered a round of shots and what I thought was going to be sweet and delicious was one of the strongest shots I have ever done! I guess it was some sort of after dinner drink - OH MY GOD! Burned!


We took cabs back to the resort and got back around 9:15. The Talent Show was just coming to an end when we got back which meant the Pole Dancing competition was about to start! We didn’t want to miss it so we went back to our room to change into the bikini and boardshort theme.


All the women KILLED it on the pole! I think one guy participated too LOL. There were some seriously talented pole dancers! The party moved to the beach after the competition - the music was blasting and the foam was flowing! It was pretty crazy to watch all the slippery sexiness going on in the foam pit!


We went to the disco to get drinks and ran into a bunch of people we had been talking to over the week. We danced and flirted and talked and drank and had a good time hanging out! The party moved to a cabana outside the disco and that’s when things heated up!


Someone brought out a wax candle and everyone took turns giving and receiving! It was SUPER sexy! I got it everywhere on my naked body and James got it right on his ass crack LOL! We left to get drinks from the nude side (and pizza of course) and it started to drizzle out while we were eating. That quickly turned into a torrential downpour and we ran for cover. We didn’t know where to go and someone suggested Brett’s jacuzzi! We totally crashed his place and we all had fun partying until 4 am when we got booted out! We didn’t want the sexy evening to end so we went back to our room for round two! I think we finally got to bed around 6 am but wow was that wild day worth it!

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