Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015




Our last full day at YSW! Sad face!


We slept in like champs this morning and woke up at noon. We started packing up most of our room after waking up because we had a lot of stuff to organize! When we were satisfied with the dent that we put into packing we went off to the prude grill for some lunch. We didn’t do much work over the last few days (vanilla work) so James and me went to the dining hall after with our laptops to answer emails and catch up on life back home.

We put a couple hours of work in before the WiFi started to really piss us off and we said fuck it! We took our stuff back to our room and got ready for the nude pool. On the way down to the nude pool, we found a friend to share a J with. You can always find friends at YSW!


The pool was pretty wild! I witnessed some pretty sexy things happening as we finished smoking in the designated spot. James saw Carol & David from The Sexy Lifestyle Network hanging out down on the nude beach so we went over and joined them. We talked for a couple hours and watched the sunset before going back to our room to get ready for dinner.

Friday nights is the lobster night (lucky me 2 days in a row!) and there was sushi, sashimi and a bunch of delicious dishes all laid out around the upper deck pool. So yummy! We found a seat with Markus & Dee from Leather Masters and filled our bellies with so much mouth watering food!


I was already dressed in the theme - Dress to Impress - and the party started in the courtyard off the main dining hall after dinner wrapped up. Everyone was wearing beautiful outfits and it felt super glam! They had a special DJ that evening, Rudeejay, and I danced my ass off! It was some seriously good tunes!


Unfortunately by 12:30 am James pulled me back to reality and said it was time for bed. Our shuttle left the next morning at 9 am and we still had to finish packing. I tried to convince him to do an all nighter but he wasn’t having it LOL! Which I was thankful for the next morning - 7am came early!



The next morning we woke up and finished packing. We hauled our luggage to the main dining hall and grabbed breakfast with the crew that was on the bus with us. We knew quite a few people on the shuttle - it was a big bus too. And pretty much full too!


We checked out and said goodbye to Hedo <3 I slept most of the bus ride to the airport.


The airport was crazy busy and the lines were long. It was a good thing we got there early. It took a few hours to check in, go through security and grab a bite after. We saw tons of couples we knew from YSW as we walked through the airport to our gate. We stopped and talked to most of them - it was actually kind of cool to pick each other out!


Our flight home was direct but 7 hours long. We splurged on the extra leg room and got seats on the emergency exit row. It was a long flight home but it felt good to be back! Overall, it was an amazing trip and one to remember forever! We felt so lucky to have the chance to go to this event and experience it! We feel it’s an important event to encourage the younger generation to explore their sexuality. It was pretty surreal to see so many young, loving couples doing this together. We absolutely cannot wait to go back in October 2019!!!




The resort IMPRESSED me! Literally everything I said in our 2015 daily journal was updated and it felt a lot more comfortable because of that. We had a room on the nude side this time and immediately I noticed an update was made in the last 4 years since we visited.

The entire bathroom was upgraded. There was a nice new shower and it seemed like more space. There was also new furniture so this time we could put our clothes away in the cupboards and drawers - which was nice! Little upgrades like that were awesome!

We also had someone come into our room once a day and fill it with water. We didn't have/missed this last time and water was SO IMPORTANT in the morning!


The front entrance was complexity renovated as well. I noticed that as soon as we arrived. There was also a new restaurant - the Japanese restaurant Harrysan, and the food there was delicious! The prude beach boasts a new grill and James and I frequented it A LOT for lunch and late night munchies. The jerk chicken was divine!

We also noticed that the nude side pool/beach had a lot of updates. There were plenty of blue lounge chairs and a new dining spot in front of the nude grill.

Again, the landscaping, forests, flowers and beauty of the place blew my mind. It is soooo beautiful at this resort. They do an amazing job of allowing the natural beauty to flourish while still making sure its tidy enough to walk bare foot.

The staff and entertainment crew was on the ball everyday. The resort was PACKED and we never had to wait long for drinks or food. The entertainment that was typically there knocked it out fo the park for Young Swingers Week and the additional entertainment staff just heightened the whole experience.

We had a seriously good time at this event and recommend it to any Young Swingers out there.




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