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About Sex Uninterrupted

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Who We Are

Open Relationship Sex Educators.

Radio Hosts & Producers.

International Speakers.


Leading voice in the millennial generation when it comes to consent, sexuality and relationships.


Free Spirits. Hedonists. Eccentric.

We are Taara and James. The creators of Sex Uninterrupted. We started our company when we embarked on our relationship journey in 2012.


We made a decision that we did not want to fit the societal “norm” when it came to relationships, sex and dating. We wanted to open things up…


And that’s just what we did! We adopted an ethical non monogamous approach when it came to our relationship and for seven years we explored non monogamy together. The last year and a half we have navigated more of a monogamous relationship due to covid-19, but this has given us an opportunity to strengthen our relationship in ways we didn't know was possible! In the end, we created our relationship by design and so happy that we made that choice.


As we experienced life in non monogamy we decided to share what we learned on our blog Sex Uninterrupted. Sex Uninterrupted is an organization that caters to the sex positive movement surrounding ethical non-monogamy. We focus on educating those who desire to live a sex-positive/open lifestyle and target couples and singles interested in exploring their sexuality and learning more about the non-monogamous movement.


We take our role of lifestyle educators seriously and hosted over 100 episodes on our retired podcast The SU Show, write an educational blog, share club reviews and have attended & hosted a variety of events all over the world! I (Taara) am currently enrolled in school to become a certified Somatic Sex Educator via Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education. Our website, Sex Uninterrupted, is the hub for non-monogamy information and we are thrilled that it continuously aids those looking to explore their sexuality.



On the surface - we seem like a regular couple that could live next door. We have a laid back, hippie vibe - very down to earth and approachable. I am an intuitive empath, astrology student and reiki practitioner. I have a passion for empowering people to uncover their sexuality. And James is a laid-back lover who is as passionate about cannabis education as he is smoking it! He is massively into sports, kinda a video game nerd <3


Sex is normal! And we want to make good sex normal too - whatever that may be for YOU!


We know that it can be lonely navigating this whole new world of relationships. We know that sometimes it can be hard to find people to talk with or work through things. We know because we’ve been through it! And although we certainly are not therapists or licensed psychologists we do know that sometimes all you need is someone to talk to! We have helped hundreds of people on their journey with non monogamy and are passionate about helping thousands more.


I offer private sessions to anyone interested in opening up their relationship. People reach out to me for multiple reasons, it could be they’re struggling to get out to a club and looking for extra encouragement or they may not know how to go about discussing their fantasies and desires with their partner. CLICK HERE to visit my coaching website and learn more about my offerings.

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