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Interested in pursuing a non monogamous relationship? There are a few things to keep in mind before you open up and explore what is out there.

Couples are super interested in learning more about Consensual Non Monogamy and the Lifestyle, but really are clueless on where to start. If anyone understands, we do! We started on crummy Craigslist before we learned what we have — and we had a lot of unfulfilling experiences too! It took a LOT of trial and error to find the most successful way (well for us anyways).

Thinking of exploring in the Swinger Lifestyle?  We discuss topics that are great for first timers surrounding playing safe and the importance of consent. The Lifestyle isn’t just about saying yes, it’s about being educated on how to say no too!

Everyone is curious to know what a swinger club is like. Over the years I have noticed a major increase in sex/Lifestyle clubs opening and more events than ever to attend! It’s not surprising that more people are intrigued by the idea of being guests at such a place. Society as a whole is opening up to sexuality again and many desire to have an open relationship — or at least want to watch steamy sex taking place at an erotic venue.

Rules and boundaries build the foundation for your experience in an open relationship. Below I discuss what exactly rules and boundaries are, why you need to establish them and how to communicate them to other couples!

Travel is a HUGE part of the lifestyle! There are so many companies, groups, destinations, can be overwhelming! Especially for someone that is new. I know when we went on our first Lifestyle vacation ins 2015 to Hedonism II I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect - it can be scary!

How do couples in an open relationship navigate in the vanilla world? How do you balance sexy activities with vanilla life? Balance in the dictionary states “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” When it comes to living in an open relationship, I believe that you should do whatever feels right to you. There is no “perfect” balance or way to be in the Lifestyle.

For some of the more seasoned Lifestyler’s reading this - these terms are probably old news.  But to a lot of new couples interested in exploring themselves, even talking to other couples can be intimidating when you don’t know what they are saying or asking!  I compiled a list below of the more common ones I hear.  Remember we were all new at this at some point – even me!

Being a swinger has never been easier. With so many free dating sites out there, hooking up can be as simple as exchanging a few dirty texts and picking a place to meet. But that doesn’t mean you should jump in right away. As a first time swinger, you can run into a LOT of problems if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’re here to help.

This article was written by James for men interested in the Lifestyle. Ethical non monogamy calls for conscious men and he shares what it means to embrace this.

Who here likes to experience group sex!?! James and I LOVE to be involved in orgies that are consensual, safe and FUN! It can be a beautiful experience! Orgies are popular in the non monogamous and Tantra communities. Having so many bodies stimulated with sexual energy is a powerful experience!

In light of what is going on across the globe related to COVID-19, I wanted to write an article for those in ethical non monogamous who have made the choice to stay in and flatten the curve. It’s not any easy choice for many in our community as it’s largely made up of people who enjoy and thrive on going out, social interaction and being up close and personal with each other.

About a month before writing this article, I shared publicly on social media that I just didn’t resonate with being part of the Lifestyle/Swinger community any longer. After seven years of identifying and even being a leader to this community, something in me shifted and I changed my mind. This doesn’t mean that I am monogamous, we still practice Ethical Non Monogamy, but we put a big emphasis on the ETHICAL part and put the ETHICAL before NON MONOGAMY.

I discuss AND demonstrate how to properly use a condom and put one on!

If you’ve been present on social media, I’m sure you have heard all about crystals and their healing benefits. The New Age movement is surfacing and it’s not just the shamans and “hippies” that are turning to crystals, sage and singing bowls to aid in healing the body and soul - it’s becoming popular in all of mainstream society!

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Women Wanna Know Section written by Taara

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