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non-monogamy & sexual health education

learn about non monogamy, consent, terminology, what clubs are like & more!

read ASN Lifestyle Magazine's article written by Taara titled "Women Wanna Know"

videos hosted by Taara that cover a wide array of topics when it comes to non monogamy

I had the BEST evening last night! My lo
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LS & education


Why I No Longer Identify As A Swinger/Lifestyler

This doesn’t mean that I am monogamous, we still practice Ethical Non Monogamy, but we put a big emphasis on the ethical part.

LS Lessons 110: Advice for Men in the Lifestyle

Written by James for men interested exploring non monogamous relationships!

LS Lessons 106: Everything You Want to Know About Lifestyle Vacations

Travel is a HUGE part of non monogamous relationships! Read about what to expect and where you can go!

LS Lessons 103: Consent & Playing Safe are a Must

Thinking of exploring non monogamy? The Lifestyle isn’t just about saying yes, it’s about being educated on how to say no too.

Proper Condom Use - Video Tutorial

I discuss AND demonstrate how to properly use a condom and put one on!

LS Lessons 112: Staying Sexy During Covid-19 When You Are Non Monogamous

Covid-19 has not been easy for many in the non monogamous community...

LS Lessons 108: Non Monogamy & Kink Terminology

A list of common terms found in the non monogamy world!

LS Lessons 105: Rules & Boundaries

Rules and boundaries build the foundation for your experience in an open relationship. Discover why you need to establish them and how to communicate them to other couples!

LS Lessons 102: How Do We Start?

Wondering where to start on your non monogamy journey? These tips may help!

Yoni Eggs, Pleasure Wands & Pussy Health

Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands are tools used by vulva owners to establish deep connection and physical healing within their pelvis. Read more about them in this article.

LS Lessons 111: Orgy 101 – Advice on Group Play & How to Plan One Yourself!

Thinking of exploring more than 4? Here are some helpful tips about what to do and how to organize a group play session!

LS Lessons 107: How to Balance Non Monogamy

How do couples in an open relationship navigate in everyday life? How do you balance sexy activities with your families?

LS Lessons 104: All About Swinger Lifestyle Clubs

Everyone is curious to know what a sex club is like. If you're thinking about visiting one, here are some helpful tips!

LS Lessons 101: 3 Tips for Those Interested in Non Monogamy

Interested in pursuing a non monogamous relationship? There are a few things to keep in mind before you open up and explore what is out there.



Women Wanna Know Section written by Taara

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