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​The DEEP guide to sexually satisfying women. I speak to men every day who think they’ve got it figured out when it comes to sexually satisfying a woman. Most of these men are attractive, educated, confident, and successful. But the reality is: VERY FEW of them actually get it. Because when it comes to pleasuring women, you can use all the right techniques and say the right things… But none of those things will fulfill her until you master your SEXUAL PRESENCE. YOUR SEXUAL PRESENCE (or lack thereof) is the difference between your woman wanting sex “some of the time” versus, your woman uncontrollably desiring to be penetrated by you.

Viva La Vagina Men's Online Course

​Awaken your pleasure, power and potential as a women! I suggest checking out the Viva La Vagina course. Courtney recently reached out to me to share her course and I am blown away by the passion, love and deepness that she offers. This is specifically designed for women who desire sexual freedom & confidence, life-changing pleasure & orgasms and profound self-connection.

Viva La Vagina Women's Online Course

​Stop the slut-shaming and explore the sexuality you crave! I was you once. I hide my sexuality and bisexuality from my partner and the world. I felt repressed & angry because of it. I felt alone...​​I didn’t know how to explore my sexuality. I didn’t know how to open my relationship up. I didn’t know how to get what I want sexually. I didn’t know how to explore my bisexuality. ​ Are you ready to change that? BECAUSE I AM HERE TO HELP YOU I EMPOWER WOMAN TO DISCOVER THEIR AUTHENTIC SEXUAL SELVES AND EXPERIENCE INTIMATE, OPEN AND SHAME-FREE SEX.

Spiritual Slut Online Course

​What if there were a secret code to experiencing mind-blowing erotic ecstasy? There is! Uncover the Language of Deep Connection, Hot Passion and Sexual Satisfaction in our signature 8-week online deep dive into a revolutionary system called Erotic Blueprints Breakththrough™. Fun, frequency and fulfillment are at your fingertips, when you discover the skills to feed, speak, heal and expand into orgasmic possibilities you didn’t even know were possible!

Erotic Blueprints Breakthrough Online Course

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