Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


Day 1

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

We are back!  I have glowing sun-kissed skin and a smile on my face!  We both had an amazing time on our trip; it was everything we imagined it could be and more.  I am so happy we took this adventure together, it will be a memory I can cherish for a lifetime.  Already I am trying to find a way to book another trip soon with a group!

Due to sheer curiosity I decided to look up what “hedonism” actually meant.  According to Wikipedia, “Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good.  In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure.”  From what I experienced, this sums up the resort quite nicely.  Every day we did exactly what we wanted to in order to be happy and at peace; I can honestly say there is something for everyone!  Looking back on the experience I would recommend the resort to any couple who is open minded.  You do not have to be in The Lifestyle to feel like you would fit in, and if you are, you likely are in for a great week!


James and I left Calgary early in the morning to catch our flight to Toronto and then from Toronto to Montego Bay.  Fair warning to travelers coming from Western Canada – it is a long travel day!  We did have fun in the airports goofing around getting day drunk, but it was go-go-go from 5AM until we got to Hedonism around 8:30PM (Jamaica time).  Most tourists will land in Montego Bay and take a tour bus (arranged by themselves or through a travel company) from the airport to Negril.  Our trip from the airport to the resort took about an hour and a half.  I know in the future I will plan to book a private car as the tour bus wasn’t the most luxurious, and it is a long haul after an exhausting day of airports and flying.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

When we arrived at the resort, we were pleasantly greeted by the front of house staff.  Check in was seamless and there were no problems.  We even got a couple of guests poking their heads in and saying hi, which made us excited to see more!  We originally booked a garden view room on the prude side (aka clothing optional) and figured since it was low season we might be able to upgrade for a smaller amount then through WestJet.  Unfortunately the price was still same ($1000CAD/EA) so we decided to just stay with our original booking.

The classic rooms are decent but nothing fancy.  We had a small fridge, flat screen TV, dresser, nightstands and a king bed complete with mirrors on the ceiling (which I LOVED!).  My only complaints were the dresser drawers were in serious need of repair and the bathroom was outdated and small.  I love my bathrooms and especially love bathroom sex so having a bathroom that two of us couldn’t even fit in was a little disappointing.  The shower probably was the most discouraging, I didn’t feel comfortable having my bare feet in the shower because it looked pretty old and worn and we only ever had super-hot water or super cold water.  Maybe we were missing something on how to use the faucets?  Besides those minor surface updates, I think having some drinks provided in the room would be nice.  Perhaps a couple bottles of Red Stripe or water to quench the thirst.  I understand the resort wants people out of their rooms to mingle; however, when you are getting ready for dinner or want some “cuddle time” alone it would have been nice to have available.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures
hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

We were starving when we arrived so we quickly got ready and went to check out the dinner buffet.  At this point, I was already starting to feel a little lit up from the arrival drinks and I remember us destroying our buffet dinner pretty quickly.  We were super excited to check out the resort so we rolled up a juicy blunt and walked around a bit before getting ready for the foam toga party.  While we were strolling around, I noticed Hedonism was a beautiful and well cared for resort.  The grounds and gardens were clean and I didn’t really notice anything that looked out of place or dirty.  The pools and hot tubs definitely could use a facelift but I do understand that is a huge and expensive undertaking.  I also did not notice a lot of bugs on the resort, whether it be flying ones or spiders which was kind of nice seeing as I am from Canada and we don’t have too many creepy crawlers here.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

After our walk we went back to the room to get ready for the foam party.  I, of course, brought tons of outfits with me and immediately put my sexy lace toga and thong on.  Usually I would NEVER be ok wearing something like that back home, but Hedo is different!  The foam party at Club Hurricane turned out to be a lot of fun!  We danced with some others in the foam pit and had a few light conversations with others at the bar.  It was slow season though so honestly there were not a lot of people.  James suggested that maybe it was time to check out the naked hot tub and there was no way I wanted to turn the offer down.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

I had NO IDEA what to expect.  How many people would be there?  Did I get naked before?  Or did I un-dress there in front of everyone?  I started to get nervous and in my own head and James finally cleared it up for me.  He reminded me that everyone at the resort was here to do what they wanted to do, and that I should never feel like someone is judging me at this place.  Honestly, this is the truth about Hedo.  No one goes there to poke fun at others and what they like or enjoy.  Everyone goes there to get away from that bull shit.  So I stripped down, threw on my beach cover which covered next to nothing and we walked hand in hand to the naked hot tub.  I was elated to be in such a wonderful and freeing place!


We finally found our way to the hot tub after getting lost more than once and being told we were entering restricted areas.  I proudly took my cover off and slide into the very hot tub.  The booze combined with the hot tub meant I had to sit on the side.  We ended up talking to a couple and I soon realized there was no reason to be worried in the first place.  They were a gorgeous couple, but completely laid back and down to earth.  We found out they were from Eastern Europe and from there easy conversation flowed.  The nice thing about going to Hedo when you are in The LS is that most people are not from the city you are.  This opens up the door for a lively conversation and usually helps to make people comfortable fairly quickly (aka good ice breaker!).


Although we were in good company and having obvious fun, it was also apparent the jet leg, booze, lack of food and very hot tub caught up with me.  We parted from the sexy couple and started to make our way back to the room.  Thank goodness James found out where the late night food was and made sure to stop to grab something to bring back to the room.  With delicious comfort food in hand, we stumbled home naked in the moonlight.  After making good use of the mirrors on the ceiling and eating our drunk food we passed out, excited for what the next day had to bring!