Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


Day 2

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

Friday morning I awoke with a new found respect for that hot tub.  My head was pounding and moving made me feel nauseous.  James forced me out of bed and helped me change to go get food in my stomach.  The breakfast at Hedo is pretty good, especially after a night of heavy drinking.  The omelets are awesome and I was even given a “baby omelette” because it was clear that I was hurting a little bit!

After breakfast and going back to the room to change into bathing suits, we went to explore the resort in the day light.  Being on the prude side, we started our exploring on that side of the beach.  The water is breathtaking and crystal clear.  I have been blessed with visiting many cities around the world, and I can genuinely say the water in Negril is some of the most beautiful I have seen.  If it wasn’t for all the sexy naked people distracting me, I would have gone out in the water a lot more!

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures
hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

We immediately saw a group of girls while we were walking up the prude beach.  They were young, and to be honest, seemed a little out of place.  They stopped us as we walked by because they could smell the J that we had in hand.  We had a pretty good conversation with them, they were dental assistants who came down on a mission trip to help clean local’s teeth and had a day off.  They were recommended to visit Hedonism so they got day passes.  My instinct was correct…they were a little out of place but funny and very polite!  It was a good start to our exploration, seeing some cute girls in bikinis!  We decided to wander closer and closer to the nude beach…

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures
hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

Halfway down the beach we came across some signs which boldly instruct that you that must be naked to continue.  Neither James nor I shy away from nakedness so we stripped down, stuffed our clothes into the beach bag and continued on our way.  Immediately I noticed how relaxed and laid back everyone was and really could care less about being naked, actually, I loved being naked!  We got some drinks (I was hurting so I went with water) and went in the pool to watch the game that was going on.  James is one of those guys that I would describe as very secure – not egotistical, but just doesn’t really care what others opinions of him are.  Anyways, the entertainment staff had some dancing competitions start up and sure enough he was up there naked shaking his ass.  Literally I think his butthole was 5 inches from my face as I watched in the pool and he gyrated above me and performed the “helicoKter”!  I am so thankful he has the fearlessness to get up there because EVERYONE remembered us after that.  The entertainment staff was wicked, I really enjoyed the games and music!

We played some drinking games in the pool, talked to other couples who were hanging around and had a really relaxing afternoon.  I think some rain blew in and dispersed the group that was at the pool.  We were starving from our active afternoon so we grabbed some quick snacks at the nude grill and went back to the room to get ready for dinner.


I got all dressed up for dinner again, this time in my rock star outfit.  Never before have I ever been able to wear what I wanted to dinner.  Usually you have to cover up, look presentable and dress the part that society deems “appropriate”.  At Hedonism, as long as you are not naked, you can pretty much wear what you want.  I chose a leather skirt that barely covered my butt cheeks, sexy thong, fringed crop top with pasties over my nipples and flip flops.

We sat at a table by ourselves and ate dinner.  I was starting to be feel exhausted from the long day, day-drinking and previous night festivities.  When the entertainment started, we went back to the room.  The honest reason being that I did not want to go up on that stage feeling like I did, and we had every intention of going back out to the party in an hour or so.


The night was lovely.  It was clear, warm and humid and we romantically walked under the moonlight towards our room.  During our time at Hedonism, I noticed that there was a strong sexual energy surrounding the place.  It is almost like the energy massages your sexes during the day, in the heat and surrounded by nakedness, and then unleashes your carnal desires and primal rawness at night.  I say this because every night, no matter if we were alone or had others involved, we had incredible toe curling sex.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

As we neared the building our room resided in, I could feel my pussy start to throb for him.  I stopped to kiss him and run my hand down his chest and toward his cock.  I raised a surprised eyebrow and grinned as I stroked his hard cock over his clothes.  I realized then where I was and saucily undid his shorts to get closer to him.  He responded by exposing himself to me.  If there is one thing I cannot resist, it is his cock.  The sight of it, the smell, everything!  Once I see it I cannot help but want to make it feel good and worship it.  I knelled down and started to play with his cock using my mouth; I teased the tip with my tongue and outlined my lips with it while looking up at him.  He read what my eyes were telling him and said “don’t worry baby, I’ll fuck you good”.  I stood and grabbed his manhood in my hand, marching towards the room.  I needed to have him all over me.


Three hours later, we lay panting on the bed with dirty porn on the TV (for those who are interested Hedo has three porn channels that are actually GOOD!).  We have had some pretty mind-blowing sessions between the two of us and this one was among the top of the list.  Jamesand I have a connection that runs deeper than many can understand.  The energy between the two of us while we are worshipping each other’s bodies is something I have never experienced with any other person.  I am a very aware person spiritually and the energy of the sexiest place I have ever visited coupled with our energy together manifested into hours of colours and orgasms and passionate love.  Yes, Hedonism does cater to people in The LS and usually you find a lot of people there are involved in it in one way or another.  However, I highly recommend you consider going if you are an open-minded couple who enjoys being naked (and perhaps wants to know more about The LS).  There are no expectations that you will “swing” and I can guarantee you that you will have some astonishingly sensual nights just between you as a couple.  Where else can you be yourself and free to just focus on doing exactly what you want together.  So sexy!