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Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015

Day 3

Day 3

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

Oh day three!  I think this was the best day for us; we were finally caught up on sleep from our travels, not suffering from a nasty hangover and were more comfortable and familiar with the resort.  We started with the usual routine of wake n’ bake, breakfast, room to change and then walk up the prude beach to the nude beach.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures
hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

Drinks in hand we were in the pool within no time and talking to a few people.  There were less couples then the day before so after lounging around we headed to the beach part.  James loved snorkeling in the ocean and I didn’t mind relaxing naked and soaking up the rays.  Later on in the afternoon, while walking to get drinks at the bar, we starting to chat with a gorgeous couple who was also lounging on the beach close by.  We instantly felt a click with them and started to open up a little more about ourselves, our relationship and how we found the resort.  Like I said, it is very easy to start conversation!  Just like James, her husband was a gentleman.  Before either of us knew it we had the most delicious drinks in our hands (they are called Hummingbirds!) and comfy lounge chairs to sit on so we could be more comfortable and stick around.  It rained a little off and on and we stayed under the umbrellas and continued to flirt and chat.  Eventually we decided we wanted to make our way up to the hot tubs to warm up a bit from the on and off rain.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures
hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

The weather and the delicious Hummingbird drinks started to chill us ladies, so we all strolled up to the hot tub for a quick warm up.  Some light petting started in the hot tub between James and me; we couldn’t help it as we were in good, sexy company and naked in Jamaica.  Life couldn’t be better!  Eventually the clouds opened above us again and with nowhere to hide this time, Tay and G invited us back to their room for a joint.  Their room was on the nude side and was pretty much the same as ours - basic but nice.  They also had a nice view of a tree (had to throw that in because I know they will read this lol!).

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures

We sat and talked in the room while the storm roared around us.  I think the storm helped to fuel the sexual energy.  I was getting quite comfortable around Tay (the sexy women) and laid down on the bed beside her.  I am not typically the one to make the first move, but I will if I feel a spark, especially with a women.  I reached out to kiss her and immediately she kissed me back hard.  I could tell she was as equally excited to taste me as I was with her.  We made out on the bed together for a while in front of our men.  We played with each other’s tongues touched each other’s bodies and the moment started to get heated.  Tay was extremely sexual and I could feel her energy pulsating through her body.  I am one of those women who loves to eat out another women.  I love the taste, smell…how they squirm with delight when you find a special spot.  I wanted to taste her and I wanted to make her feel amazing.  We soon were naked and I laid over top of her pinning her down just enough so that she knew what I wanted to do.  I slowly and softly bite her lips and teased my lips against her jaw.  Gradually I moved to her breasts and nibbled underneath of them –a very sensitive spot for most women and I could tell she enjoyed it by her body language and moans.  Finally I worked my way to my favorite spot…


I could smell her sweet scent as I inched closer to the crevasse between her legs.  She whimpered when my lips gently played and teased hers, and soon, I engulfed her.  I tasted all of her, gently at first and then harder and harder.  I slowly crept my fingers closer and then soon they were helping to bring out her deep growl as she pulsated and grinded against me.  She was unleashed now and took some control back; she raised herself up and made me lay down.  She reciprocated with eager appreciation and the passion continued to grow.  She climbed over me, straddling my legs, scissoring me, and whispered “I have always wanted to try this...” and rubbed her wet pussy against mine.  It felt amazing and we both let go grinding touching and grabbing.  She climaxed and instructed me to go on top because it felt different.  I pushed down against her and thrusted my hips back and forth, over and over.  She was right, this did feel different…it felt incredible.  It didn’t take long for me also cum and we both laid down and caught our breath, panting hard.  The men soon joined in and we all enjoyed some soft sexual play.  The men were patient and let us enjoy each other so we needed to ensure they felt loved and taken cared of as well.

Eventually hunger got the best of us and we invited the couple to join us for dinner at the restaurant at the resort.  Harrysan, the Japanese restaurant, was unfortunately closed but we did manage to eat one night (this night) at Pastafari.  They were excited to join as it was their last night at the resort and we parted way to shower and get ready for hats n’ heels night.  We both grinned walking back to our room, we had already had so much fun and the night was only young…


I dressed up in one of my favorite sexy reveling dresses and comfortable super high heels.  I love how at Hedonism you can wear whatever YOU feel most comfortable and sexy in.  No one will even blink an eye at you and you can truly feel like yourself without holding back any part!  It is a magically feeling!  James and I didn’t see Tay or G around so we ordered drinks and waited outside the restaurant for them.  Soon they came walking up and we all greeted each other before heading into the restaurant.  We had a decent meal, however, it wasn’t anything too fancy.  The conversation and company was far more superior and the drinks flowed easily.


After supper we went to the courtyard to watch the show from afar (and enjoy another joint close by).  While we were sitting and talking, another couple came up and started to join in on our conversation.  They too were interesting to James and I, it seemed we all had much in common and eventually we were all laughing and creating a slight scene with our happiness.   After everyone seemed comfortable and loose, new couple announced that they were previously gifted some E from others who were leaving and could not bring it back home with them on the plane.  James and I exchanged eager glances, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge, let loose and have some wild sex.  Tay and G seemed a little unsure but they agreed it felt like the right moment with the right people.

hedonism, hedonism 2, hedo 2 pictures, taara, taara rose

The new couple revealed that they had been there for quite a while (I think around 14 days) and were quite familiar with the entire resort.  They knew where there was a “secret” hot tub on the prude side and we all decided it would be good to move around and go on an adventure.  We set towards our room where us ladies took off our clothes and then continued to the hot tub.  It was quite a beautiful sight, three gorgeous women prancing naked hand in hand.  When we got to the hot tub we realized it wasn’t turned on.  So we changed our plans and went to the hot tub by the playroom instead.


This was our first time at this part of the resort.  We were now back by the spa, on the other side of the courtyard.  We all sat around and in the hot tub, flirting and talking and getting comfortable.  Eventually curiosity got the best of us newbies and we asked about the playroom.  The new couple, Lei and N, happily obliged and we followed them quietly into the spa area.  We entered in and walked around to the back towards the bathrooms.  There were mattresses lined within the glass room where the bathroom doors were.  The three of us ladies went to “freshen up” while our gentlemen sat down to wait.  When we returned, we each went to our own man.  I straddled mine and started to lustfully kiss him, ignoring who and what was around me.  He let me have control for a bit before spinning me over on my back in a swift movement then nuzzling my neck hard with his teeth.  He pinned my legs up into the air and pushed his mouth into me, giving me exactly what I craved exactly how I wanted.  Within minutes I was experiencing my familiar orgasms from him, unaware of anything around me.  We escalated soon to erotic lovemaking and I finally looked around and realized the other two were enjoying their time alone too, lost in the beautiful moment.

Time passed and we were hot and in need of water.  We all left and went to the shower by the hot tub to cool off.  I was having an amazing night, but I knew I needed to put myself to bed soon.  The next day was my birthday and I needed to save my energy and not have a rough morning!  We all said good-night and we said good bye to Tay and G as they were leaving early in the morning.  james and I zipped back to the room and as hard we tried we just couldn’t shake the sexual energy so we ended up making use of the mirrors alone for another few hours.  At long last our sleep caught up with us and we concluded one of our favorite memories together.

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