Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


Day 4 - Happy BDay to Me!

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

I will be forever grateful that I got to awake the next morning in Jamaica on my birthday!  We stayed in bed for as late as we could before hunger drove us to the prude side grill.  We missed the buffet partially because of the god damn mirrors on the ceiling (we seriously need to invest in those at home) and partially because of the awesome porn that played on three channels on the TV.  It was actually good porn too, like the kind I would surf PornHub for to masturbate to!  Both these things led to some hot and heavy morning birthday sex which in turn led to the need for fuel!

I communicated to James (because this is what you HAVE to do in The LS!) that I wanted some alone time together for my birthday to check out the resort, take some pictures and have some daydrinks.  I knew we still had a long day and night ahead of us and was starting to figure out this “pacing myself” thing.  He was totally down with my request and we packed a beach bag of goodies for our adventure.  My first birthday meal was delicious jerk chicken at the Prude Side Grill!  I actually really enjoyed the food there - it was a lot quieter at that grill and James and I could sit in the tables under the tent.  I genuinely miss that chicken even right now that I am thinking about it and going through pictures.  We picked up some dry jerk spice and brought it back to Canada.  I have tweaked it a bit and made a not bad marinade, BUT – I still can’t get that moist juicy way of cooking it.

A storm rolled in while we were eating our meal.  It was still very warm nonetheless and we sat and felt the storm mist from under the tent.  Even with the storms in rainy season, the place was still magical and beautiful.  When the rain let up, we circled around the prude side of the resort taking pictures of the gorgeous flowers and a few naughty ones because we could.  We found the secret prude hot tub again and made sure that it was turned on for the evening.  We eventually ventured over towards the nude side and into a breathtaking jungle garden that we nicknamed the Eden Garden (honestly I don’t know if that is the name).  In the garden there were painted stones and carved wood totems and plaques.  We saw some plaques around the resort by the bars and stones by some of the rooms but this place had a great deal more!  We later found out that couples typically paint a stone or pay someone to paint one for them to put somewhere in the resort.  Alternately, you could have part of a totem carved out for you or have a plaque made.  We explored the garden for a while taking in all the different creative masterpieces.  Each one meant something so special and the warmth and love of this garden was tremendous.

We pulled ourselves away from the Eden Garden and made our way back to the middle of the resort to see what else we could discover.  This is where we took pictures of the Hedo map and where our room was.  Looking back, I am glad we took the time to do this.  It is nice to reflect on the pictures and resonate with the feelings we had when we took them.  By this point, we had enjoyed a few Red Stripes and were feeling good and getting a little frisky.  It was time to get the birthday party started!

It was already pretty late in the afternoon when we arrived over at the nude beach.  I got my yummy hummingbird drink and we immediately saw familiar faces and ventured over to chat.  The new couple from the previous night, Lei and N, were at the beach and we promptly started my birthday drinking with them.  Like I mentioned the weather that day was not the best; however, because of this, I was blessed enough to see the MOST GORGEOUS double rainbow over the resort while I was happily drunk.  Seeing a rainbow with such vibrancy and beauty on my birthday was a true gift from the universe and, to me, was a sign that I was exactly where I needed to be in my life.  The group we had been mingling with on the beach continued to chat and socialize.  Eventually the threatening rain clouds returned and we decided it was joint time followed by get ready for dinner time.

While we were packing up, we all noticed the dazzling sunset trying to break through the clouds.  I found it very unusual to see the sun set so early in the day, I actually needed time to adjust to it!  In Canada, during May or June, the sun sets around 9 or 10 in the evening.  A couple we befriended and talked to quite a bit was close by and informed the four of us that it was tradition to give your man fellatio during the sunset.  Naturally this was something I had to take part in and we all walked over to a more secluded area.  Both of us ladies sexily flirted and kissed our men and eventually I stopped paying attention to everything that was going on around me and zoned in on making James feel good.  I spent some time kissing his stomach and thighs before taking all of him in my mouth.  I made sure to worship his cock, like I always do, but I didn’t want him to cum just yet.  As if someone was reading my mind, the rain started to drizzle down on us and I hinted it was time to get going and part two would have to wait.


I was sufficiently drunk by the time we got back to the room to get ready for my birthday dinner.  To my surprise, the resort had left some champagne and fruit in our room.  It was a very nice gesture and it was nice to be able to sip some champagne while we were getting ready.  The nights’ theme was Hedonism Schoolgirl which happens to my favorite play outfit; Lei and I took time to do our makeup together and I threw on a very sexy leather corset with a school skirt that didn’t even try to cover my butt cheeks.  Lei, N, James and I were having a great time together that we actually forgot about the time and made it to dinner a little later than in previous days.  I had hardly finished my meal before being called up onto the stage to celebrate my birthday.  I was super embarrassed (even though I was significantly sloshed at this point) but nonetheless I went up there and shook my booty for the dancing crowd below.  I do remember it being super hot on the stage and thinking to myself that these performers are tough cookies to put up with the heat and still keep the shows looking sexy and polished on stage.  Kudos to your guys!

After dinner the growing group of us moved over by the VLTs and pool tables.  We set up the portable speaker we brought with us for the trip, got some drinks and started our own little party in the covered area.  The music and smiles attracted even more couples over and soon I was talking to everyone and dancing to the tunes – we were all having an incredible time!  The night was getting late and some of us decided it was time to go to the Club to go dance some more.  We said bye to the others who were with us, as they wanted to go check out the Piano Bar, and we set out on a joint adventure before going into the nice cool air conditioned club.


Being low season, our group made up everyone who was in the Club besides the entertainers.  James instantly found the pole center stage of the Club and did a nice routine for everyone.  This sparked more pole dancing and helped to set the mood for sexy dancing together.  Shortly after following our sexy dancing, the combination of booze, heat and blood pumping action started to wear on me a bit.  I went outside for some fresh air and was hit hard by the even hotter air.  I wanted to keep on going but I needed to do the deed and…throw up :(  James rushed me back to our room as quickly as possible and the toilet and I made friends for a while and hugged out life.  I did feel a lot better in about an hour but was a little embarrassed for rushing out so quickly that I didn’t want to return to the Club.  I freshened up while James went to the Club alone to see if Lei and N wanted to come back to our room and play.  They were having a good time with everyone still and declined; he made sure to tell them we would keep our room door open just in case they changed their mind.

I was fired up when James returned and we quickly started our sex frenzy together.  I was feeling a lot better by this point and remembered the hot tub we turned on earlier in the morning.  We brought our camera with us and some water (no more booze!) and went to the prude secret hot tub to play and take pictures and videos.  The night was gorgeous and we got the entire area to ourselves; we took countless sexy photos and videos in the hot tub and around it.  Even though we didn’t get the opportunity to play too much on my birthday I was extremely happy with the end result.  Those photos are so incredibly sexy and we could NEVER do that anywhere here except in the privacy of our own home (or someone else’s!).  Like I said before, Hedonism is not all swinging-sex based.  You make it what you want and have your own fun!  I went to bed that night extremely grateful for experiencing such a beautiful day with beautiful people.

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