Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015


Day 5

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

We both awoke Monday to another overcast morning.  We relaxed in bed again and spent some cuddle time alone before getting up for breakfast.  While we were eating our breakfast, someone from the resort came over to talk to us.  She let us know that the large groups had now gone home and told us to prepare for the resort to be quieter.  We could already tell by the amount of people checking out that things were really slowing down so we made the decision to leave the resort and go on a little day adventure up 7 Mile Beach.  We took our leisurely time at breakfast and talked to a few couples who were going to be sticking around for a few days still.  We let them know we were going to go check out Sandals and walk up the beach and that we would be back later for some late afternoon drinks at the nude pool.

We packed our day bag up in the room and I actually put on a real bathing suit for the first time in awhile.  Once we were sufficiently stoned and ready to go on our adventure, we found our way to the fenced gate on the prude side where you could exit off the resort.  I was a little nervous to leave the resort, but the lady at the gate assured me it would be ok and told us to have a good time.  She took down our information and went on our way.

Sandals was a nice resort from what we saw when we walked through it.  We took our time checking out the sights and the people.  There seemed to be a relativity young crowd, but not as fun as us over at Hedo!  I noticed the beach was a lot bigger and had less seaweed too.  I wouldn’t even enter the water at our resort without going first on one of the blue body floaties and having James drag me out into the water.  I heard too many things about people stepping on sea urchins or being stung by Stingrays that I didn’t want to chance myself – I think it is the prairie girl in me too.  James was in and out of the water the whole trip and didn’t step on one once, but he did have his snorkel on and could see them on the ocean floor.

We soon reached the end of the Sandals resort and ventured over the invisible line.  Immediately we were enticed by beach sellers looking for us to buy drugs, hair braiding, flags - literally any and everything!  It was a little annoying but if you just said no thanks and kept walking you would be left alone.  Up the beach a bit we came across a little place called Boardwalk.  It looked cute and inviting so we went into the arrangement of buildings that were centered around a bar.  I think there were rooms to rent, or it may have been a local hotel, there were also cute little stores with local goods you could purchase.  We looked through a few stores and got a Red Stripe from the bar before starting to head back to the resort.  We didn’t bring a lot of money to buy anything (highly recommended because there are cute things there!) and another storm was starting to roll through.

When we got back to the resort and got some lunch at the prude grill.  We decided to eat and relax by the pool in the upper courtyard as we hadn’t spent much time there yet.  We took some awesome pictures of the storm clouds and decided when we were done that we needed to get painting our rock before our trip was over.  We didn’t really know where this was supposed to happen and thought it made sense to go to the Eden Garden.  We did find one guy who we chatted with, he did the wood carvings and totems and told us that the rock painting was down by the beach.  We paused for another J and some more picture taking in the Eden Garden which turned into some playful touching and removal of some clothes as we still had our bathing suits on from our off resort adventure.

We found the rock painting at the beach exactly where the carving guy had told us.  The guy was already working on a stone for another couple and told us to pick out a stone for him to paint.  Being my creative self, I asked if we could paint it ourselves.  He didn’t mind at all so we spent an hour painting and designing our stone together.  It turned out really nice and we had a lot fun doing it.  We did have to pay for this service – just a word of warning to the newbies!  We took our rock back to the garden to find a spot for it; I couldn’t picture it going anywhere else as we were in love with that garden.  We did find a nice home for it and when we were done decided it was naked time at the pool!


We hung around the beach and pool with some familiar couples we had spoken to throughout our trip.  The booze flowed again and we had a lot of fun joking around, doing shots and getting to know one another.  We made sure to introduce ourselves to some newer couples we noticed who were now hanging out at the beach; it’s always good to make a few more friends!  It was an awesome group of drunk happy people at the beach.  At some point, someone brought up the waterslide and since we hadn’t tried it out yet, we were game for it!

One of the newer couples we had met, Lord and Lady, came with us to investigate how to get the slide up and running.  By this point I was feeling the shots of Fireball and didn’t think my tipsiness, body piercings and waterslide meshed well together.  I decided to move to the pool everyone exploded into and sit with the entertainment girls to take pictures.  We all laughed and applauded the naked people on the water slide.  It was impressive and humorous to watch and I got some good actions shots of everyone.  When the fun died down, we realized it was almost time for dinner.  The nights’ theme was Bare as you Dare Beach Party and I needed time to get sexifed and find the perfect outfit (or lack thereof) to wear.  We said bye to our new friends and went back to the room to get ready.

With my sexy neon pasties, lace see through top and sarong on, we went for dinner.  We found some people from the beach at a large table and asked to sit with them.  They of course said yes and we ate some delicious dinner with our group and sipped on some more drinks.  Lord and Lady showed up and poor Lady was feeling the afternoon activities and shots (it was their first night and we all know how that goes!).  After dinner, the back pool area soon opened up to reveal a dance area and DJ.  The entertainment girls encouraged everyone to partake in the dirty butt shaking dancing and James and I willingly obliged.  Everyone danced flirtatiously with one another but nothing was overly sexual.  James and I started to feel the booze again and decided to adventure down towards the lower prude bar and beach; apparently there would be a beach fire started soon and we wanted to check it out.

The prude bar was mildly lively but really didn’t have too much going on.  Naturally we are always friendly and were able to strike up conversation with a few couples.  We talked to one older couple and even though they were out of our usual “stereotype”, we found them to be interesting and pretty funny.  They had similar views to us and noticed that the evening seemed to be a little quieter as opposed to other nights.  The group around us didn’t grow much and the bon fire was starting so we said good bye and went to see who was there – our bravery was growing with our tipsiness and were feeling frisky!  The fire, unfortunately, didn’t have too much going on either.  We still made a point of talking to the others standing around and decided that maybe it was J time followed by nude hot tub time.


We took our time in the room before taking our drunk naked butts to the hot tub.  When we got there, I was a little disappointed to see it was really quiet with only a few people in and around the hot tub…everyone seemed to be doing their own thing so we went to get drinks instead.  It was pretty dead, like the women in the morning had informed us it would be.  This is why I say it’s probably best to book with a group – to avoid a night when you are feeling sexy but nothing too sexy is going on!  We got our drinks, some DELICIOUS pizza and walked along the beach in the moonlight back towards our room.  Yes we were a little let down but still we a sexy night planned between the two of us now!

I didn’t want my sexy outfit to go to waste so James set up the GoPro to film our action.  We decided that; just in case, we would leave our room door open a bit.  Maybe someone would want to join?  We got lost in each other’s’ bodies in deep passion once again; it’s so easy there…there is some seriously sexy energy around that resort.  We ended up fucking each other to sleep…good thing I woke up an hour later in desperate need of water and turned the GoPro off :P

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