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Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015

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Post Trip

Post Vacation Notes

Taara & James Hedonism Trip (2015)

That wraps up the review of our wonderful trip to Hedonism II!  As I promised, I have compiled a rundown of what I liked about the resort versus what I would like to see changed.  There were some aspects I could see improvement from, but I did not want to include them in my day to day reviews.  I wanted to stick to more of the overall experience and less about the small annoyances. So, let’s get started!

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What I Liked


  • The beautiful gorgeous location took my breath away daily!  Negril is a stunning place to visit!

  • Not wearing clothes almost our whole vacation.

  • The theme nights - being able to dress up in my sexy clothes for the evening was so much fun!

  • The grounds were kept pretty clean and the flowers and gardens were nice to have around.  We loved the Eden Garden where we put our rock.

  • The people; we met so many different people from all over the world and every one of them were open and accepting.  We witnessed VERY LITTLE judgement.

  • Jerk chicken during the day…mmm I am still fantasizing about this delicious stuff!

  • Leaving the resort was a lot of unexpected fun!  Walking up the beach and seeing more of the infamous 7 Mile Beach was a bucket list item for us.  Also visiting Rick’s Café and doing the cliff jumping was an experience neither of us will forget.  Make sure to check out those things too!  Even if you just dedicate one day J

  • All da blunts.

  • I didn’t see many insects which was good because I am not a fan of creepy crawlies.

  • The breakfast was so yummy every morning (when we made it in time!).

  • The entertainment group was amazing – especially the ladies.  All the girls took time to get to know us and some even sat with us for lunch.  We also enjoyed watching the nightly shows; they were tastefully erotic and exactly what the audience needed to start to feel frisky.  You guys are awesome!

  • Getting fruit and champagne in our room for my birthday – very nice gesture! J

  • We got a tour from another couple of the updated rooms and they were fabulous – a little out of our price range although I would like to stay in one of those bad boys!


What I’d like to see Changed

  • I toyed with the idea of putting this particular point up and decided to in the end because it really did affect our overall experience at the resort.  Low season started June 1st, halfway through our vacation.  A lot of people left that day and we noticed a totally different side to a lot of the staff members.  One night we actually talked to a few and they told us they were paid way more in high season then in low season.  They still had to come in and do their job like normal, but they were paid less because less people were at the resort.  James and I felt this vibe instantaneously and it really put a damper at the end of our trip.  When things are not busy and there are less people at the resort, you pay attention to the staff and daily routines of the resort even more.

  • Order more blue floats.  Because I am a scardiy-cat and only will go in the water on one of them.  Plus they are great to put down on the beach loungers for added comfort.

  • Re-install a light above the large mirror in the bedroom. Many need it to get ready vs. the bathroom which is warmer and more humid.  We actually brought a strand of lights to put over our mirror in the room to add sexiness factor but they turned out great to help me get ready!

  • Supply different TP in the pool-side bathrooms, current type shreds when in contact with water.  Yes- gross.

  • Have an afternoon DJ at the n-side pool. This seemed very sporadic in the afternoon.

  • Have uniform security rules for the n-side. Daytime ladies were allowed to keep bottoms on (which is fine to me – medical reasons like women have or sunburn should allow flexibilities), but night time people were pounced on for having a towel wrapped around their waist while eating and no bottoms were allowed. – Agreed!!

  • Rate increases were discussed several times during the week, younger/lower income guests are being priced out of going and some are opting to go to Mexico or other places because of the continuing increases.  May be us soon too L

  • Please fix the shower…everyday was battle of hot vs. cold and my hungover ass never won.

  • Water and beers in the mini fridges PLEASE!

  • The beach hagglers…I am too nice to tell them to leave me alone and it felt weird being stared at while I was naked at times and Boyfriend was snorkeling.

  • Not having to pay to paint our own rocks.  Or set up a station or place for couples to do this together!

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