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Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015

day 3

Day 3 & 4

Naughty in N'awlins Trip (2018)



Thursday - probably one of our craziest busiest days!

We woke up and ate some of the snacks we bought on Tuesday in the room for breakfast. I highly recommend loading up on some food and water in your room on the first night. It's always great to have munchies and drinking water when you wake up and don't want to have to leave your room. We had to get ready for a podcaster meet-n-greet later that morning and the snacks worked perfectly!

The meet-n-greet went amazing and tons of people showed up to talk to Swinger Diaries, Average Swingers, Two or More to Tango & us! next year we promise to bring more swag with us!

Afterwards we went to lunch with Average Swingers where I was gifted some sweet oyster forks from our awesome waitress. We shared we were swingers and she was so curious! Again I found ti so liberating to just be my authentic self - no hiding or shame!


We then made our way to Pat O'Brien's to try some famous Hurricane's - damn those things are dangerous! James and I took a stop at the hotel after to come down off the hurricane high.

We were looking for something to do after a couple hours of reconnecting in the room and went off to find some of the Naughty crew. We found some at a bar takeover at Bourbon Heat. I was able to dance with my titties out and no body cared! It was crowded but still respectful and fun!

We had to cut the dancing short in order to make it back to the hotel for some SU work.

We recorded a special episode with Carol and David from the Sexy Lifestyle. There were other guests from NiN in the podcast and we all shared our experiences and what we were all about. It was so much fun and we were honored to be a part of their show.

We were starving after we finished so we went with some other industry people for a special dinner and had an incredible time sharing laughs, love and dirty talk :P

We were pretty tired after a FULL DAY of partying and meeting people so we decided to do the Christmas in July party at the hotel instead of House of Blue or Colettes. It wasn't that busy so we thought what a great time to check out the Playrooms.

The Playrooms were more like a PLAYFLOOR! We have never seen anything like it! We played in the Group Playroom but also checked out all the others - there were so many different room suited to all the different people attending the event. The idea of consent was loud and clear all over the floor and not once did I feel violated or uncomfortable.

After we got some pizza (yes they bring in pizza to keep your energy up!) we headed back to our room and zonked out...




Friday - things start to heat up!

We started the day with a huge Smoothie King! Veggies and fruits earn't exactly a big part of the NOLA diet and I needed my greens!

We met Swinger Diaries in the lobby and sat and talked for a bit before heading to the Wet T-Shirt contest at Krazy Korner. That was a BLAST! It was so much fun to watch - I think next year I gotta enter!!!

We came back to the hotel after to record a podcast with Average Swingers. It was surreal to be recording in the room with so many people we look up to!

Afterwards we indulged in some amazing afternoon delight :P

We didn't want to miss the foam party so after our play date we got ready and headed back out to Bourbon Street. I was STARVING so we did the only logical thing and got a Lucky Dog. Seriously BEST street meat EVER!

The foam party was out of this world! I had so much fun dancing topless in the foam! The place was packed and we were able to talk to so many different people. We even found some fellow Calgarians!

We headed back to the hotel after the foam party to take a dip at the nude pool. It was packed in the pool and nakie people were everywhere! We opted to sit on the side for this one and had fun drinking our bubba cups and meeting more people.

We showered after the pool and got ready for the Annual Lifestyle Awards! That was such an incredible thing to watch! I felt so proud of our community coming together and celebrating. One thing I will say though - we need more ladies representing! I kept track of the men vs. women speeches and sadly I feel like the women's voice was often second or none :(

After the awards we were again starving. We hit up Bourbon House - the restaurant in the hotel and ate some delicious oysters and shrimp.

With our energy up we made it back to the Blackout Party and danced the night away with some friends we made on Tuesday when we arrived. We ended up going back to our room for some sexy time with them before calling it a night.


What a fabulous day!

day 4
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