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Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015

day 5

Days 5 -7

Naughty in N'awlins Trip (2018)



Saturday - last official day of NiN!

We didn't sleep in too late Saturday because we wanted to attend Dr. Nancy's seminar. It felt really good to bring everything back home and make time or reconnecting during all the craziness that NiN has to offer. I am also a HUGE fan of Dr. Nancy & was honored to finally meet her in person!

After the workshop we had another top secret meeting which chewed up most of our morning. By the time that was finished we were FAMISHED so we found some lunch & stuffed our faces!

We headed to Razoo to watch the Ms No Swimsuit competition after eating - something we were told NOT TO MISS! Unfortunately, it was packed! We were at the very back & I was lucky if I could just see the top of the girls' heads! It was also a bazillion degrees that day & near the back meant you were in the direct sunlight.

So we left! And we went to The Swamp which was hosting the other NiN party. It was decently busy & we ordered drinks and talked with people who were hanging out there. Not too long after I needed to go back to the hotel (AC bathroom required!) so we left & went back to our room.


When we got there it was clear a nap was needed! I RARELY nap so I used my Meditation app and found a power nap one to listen to. Instantly I was out!

When we woke up we both felt incredibly refreshed! We grabbed some quick dinner nearby and got ready for the industry Meet-n-Greet!

The meet-n-greet was amazing! We met lots faces behind the companies we follow and had so much fun exchanging info and stories. Bob & Tess appeared in the craziest Mardi Gras costumes! We got some pics with them & went back to the room to change into our costumes.

The mardi gras party was just starting when we got back. A man dressed in a mirrored suit started dancing on the dance-floor alone. We stood watching and then he grabbed my hand and took me onto the floor! It was time to start the dancing! We went and rounded up more people to dance with us and eventually everyone was moving and shaking!

The King & Queen were announced a few hours later - congrats to John & Jackie Melfi! You are so deserving <3 They all threw out beads for the audience to catch and once we got some we went out to the balcony with friends to throw them at the passerby's below! It was so much fun!

We took a quick stroll down Bourbon Street to show off our costumes but that evening it was a little feisty so we went back to the hotel only after a couple of blocks. We danced for a bit before deciding that the dungeon needed to be found!

James and I ventured over to the AC Hotel in search of the dungeon and we were not disappointed. It was quiet so we found a cross and James worked his magic on me! It felt so good to be so naughty in front of everyone! Around 3AM we left the dungeon and crashed back in our room!


DAY 6 & 7


Sunday & Monday - Sad it's over, happy it happened!

We slept in HARD on Sunday! It was sad hearing all the people leave around us - most check out Sunday I guess! We decided to stay 2 extra days (the rooms were only $99/night + tax) and be actual tourists!

We got up late and went for a breakfast with another couple who stayed behind. I was sad to not be sporting the pink landyard anymore :(

The day before we got a special invite to a place in NOLA where we could chillax in the nude in a pool. Of course we accepted and got ready for that after eating. We filled up our Bubba Cups and made our way to our destination.

It was a STUNNING oasis and exactly what we needed after 4 days of NiN! We relished in the chill vibes and talked with other Nin-ers about our experience.

We couldn't stay long because we had another top secret meeting that we had to attend. So we packed up and made our way back to the hotel for that.

By the time we finished it was dinner time. We wanted to go to Oceana for the last event of NiN - the post party meet-n-greet. We were running late and didn't know that you actually sat down with other couples from NiN at tables in the restaurant. When the staff took us to our table everyone was already eating and we were looking at them like "are you swingers or vanilla...." We quickly figured they were NiN-ers and ordered our food after everyone was done!

We wanted to check out Colette after but we were WAY TOO DAMN TIRED. So at around midnight we called it a night.

On Monday we got up early and played tourist around the city. We explored everywhere we could and found some pretty sweet crystal shops and voodoo temples! I LOVED IT!

We had a fancy dinner that evening to end our night and then stopped at Hustler drunk on martinis on the way back to the hotel. We got 20% in our welcome package for NiN so we bought a whole whack of sweet toys!!! Drunk shopping is the best! We eagerly got our asses back to the hotel to test out the toys and were not disappointed by our purchases!

And that was the end of NOLA for us. I cannot find enough good words to say about NiN - it truly was life changing for us. If you have any questions or wanna come with us next year please reach out!


day 6 & 7
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