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Hedonism II

Jamaica, Negril May 2015

Day 1

Day 1 & 2

Naughty in N'awlins Trip (2018)

This was our first NiN and the experience has left us with all the warm fuzzy feelings (and bite marks, bruises and a sore pussy!).

We didn’t know what NiN was all about - we were fresh little newbies and decided we had to try this out at least once in our lifetime. It’s changed everything for us. We connected with so many amazing people. We partied with our idols. We learned from seminars. We fucked like freaks in the playrooms and dungeon.

This is more than a party. It honors who we all are and sometimes who we can’t be everyday.

The ability to live my truth everyday here encourages me to do this at home too. It was so free, so lovely and WE WILL BE BACK!

A special thank you to all those who work so hard to make this event happen. I can’t imagine the amount of teamwork and planning that goes into an event like this. So blessed to experience this, so blessed.



We arrived Tuesday evening so we could decompress from our day of travel and rest up for all the activities! The travel from Calgary to New Orleans takes a solid 8 hours and we don't have any direct flights. We had to travel through Houston (my first time visiting) and everything went smooth!


We checked into our hotel at the Astor (Alexa Tower). This side of the hotel was labelled the non-party side and to be honest we were happy to pick it! The rooms were larger than the Astor tower and we enjoyed the peace and quiet during the evening.

We checked in and unpacked a bit. I bought some sexy lights for the room and put them up. It's always nice to bring some ambiance! (check out the lights here to purchase!) After settling in we went and got some dinner. We enjoyed the best oysters EVER at a place called Seaworthy. We explore Bourbon Street after dinner - it was nothing like I thought it would be! It was loud, wild and busy! Like Vegas on steroids!

Late in the evening we made our way to the Drinkery to meet up with other Naughties at a private party for attendees only! We met some sexy couples and got back to our room around 1AM and passed out HARD!




Wednesday we met with another podcaster couple - Paige & Penn from the Swinger Diaries! It was so thoughtful of them to invite us and help us feel welcomed and accepted by crew!  We went to the Ruby Slipper and it was SO GOOD! And not busy with Naughty attendees yet! We had a top secret meeting to attend after that lasted most of the late morning and early afternoon.

Afterwards we got some late lunch at Felix's and, again, the food was out of this world! We attended the Welcome Seminar and learned more about NiN (highly recommend this for newbies!).


The welcome seminar ran a little late so we ducked out early to get ready for the Sexual Freedom Parade. You were asked to wear all white and we all joined together to walk down Bourbon Street promoting sexual freedom! There were signs, beads and SO MANY SWINGERS! It was so incredible to walk the parade surrounded by community <3 I cried happy tears under my sunglasses - it was an emotional experience.

Afterwards we walked around exploring and drinking and found a place for dinner, Remoulde! Again we feasted on seafood!

We finally made our way back to the hotel after dinner and I changed into another white dress and we headed down to the ball! There were so many amazing costumes and outfits! We danced, I hula hooped and we chatted with so many HAWT people! I think we crawled back to our room around 1AM again!



Day 2
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