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Social drink nights perfect for those new & curious to learn about sex and non-traditional relationships. All respectful adults are welcome to attend our Sociables!!! events.


We host two types of hot tub events – Massive parties with 100-150 women & couples as well as smaller more intimate events intended for women to explore their bi-sexuality in a safe comfortable environment. These private events are restricted for who can attend.


These truly are epic parties with over 150 sexy people attending from across Saskatchewan and beyond, hosted in the penthouse suites of one of Regina’s finest hotels. The entire floor of the hotel is filled with naughty “theme rooms” to xplore along with exotic dance entertainment. Perfect for experienced lifestylers and those ready to immerse themselves in an erotic dream world. Note that some of our hotel events restrict attendance to younger Women & FM Couples to explore specific fantasies such as swinging and women’s bisexuality, while other hotel events welcome all respectful adults including single men and all aspects of the LGBT & Kink communities.   

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