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LEARN MORE about non monogamy & open relationships with us! GET SUPPORT or explore the information we share so you can safely, sanely & consensually explore non monogamy and HAVE FUN!


Ethical and consensual non monogamy encourages an open approach towards your relationship(s) with your partner(s). There is no standard definition or way of “being”; it can only be defined by you and those you are involved with in a consensual manner. With a strong foundation and an understanding of yourself, your partner(s) and your relationship(s), it can provide the opportunity to live as your authentic self, honor your sacred sexual energy and make life changing connections.


Ethical and consensual non monogamy where it is important that the couple or single create intimate and close friendships prior to sexual relations.


The idea that we are free to create whatever relationship path we choose for ourselves. With a strong foundation and the understanding of fundamentals, this can be achieved by anyone.

Support Sessions

Sex is normal! And we want to make great sex normal too - whatever that may be for YOU!


One of the biggest challenges people face being in a consensual non monogamous relationship is not having the ability to have someone to talk to when questions come up, a certain experience happens, issues arise or when they need help working on something specific in their relationship. Family is usually off limits to go to and although the CMN community can be great for support, sometimes people have not yet established friendships or in some cases they don’t want to others to know.


We offer Support Sessions to provide people with a non-therapy approach towards getting the support they need and desire. Our sessions are 100% confidential, professional and judgement-free. It is a safe space we hold for those who sometimes have no one else to talk to.

Our sessions are for you if:

You are interested in pursuing a non monogamous relationship

You have questions surrounding open relationships and don’t know who to talk to

You want to ensure your relationship has a strong foundation before opening it up

You want more information about non monogamy or specific questions answered

You are wondering how to have better experiences in non monogamy

You two have been a catalyst for my partner and my relationship. You've been an example that has allowed us to pus through our own securities and dive into a deeper state of existence and bliss. I appreciate you both.

-Anonymous Client

I love your self-honesty, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love. Thank you for sharing that as deep and personal, allowing us to glimpse into your journey. You inspire a person to live live open, honest, loving, compassionate and kind! Love and respect.


I just want to say you have really helped with my self confidence and reassured me that there us no shame in my desires or fantasies and in the actual fact that I can bring them to life with my partner without any judgement. And I want to say thank you.


Our Method

Our Support Sessions offer our clients a chance to open up and discuss anything surrounding the topics of consensual non monogamy, alternative relationships and your sexuality. We are not therapists or licensed psychologists; we are advisors, listeners and most importantly, your friend.


At times we may feel you would benefit from additional help or resources and we will be able to point you in the right direction so that you get exactly what you need. Our goal through offering these sessions is always to help you explore non monogamy feeling confident, safe and secure.


We welcome all relationship types and both couples and singles. Sessions are available with both of us or you can book separately.


If this is your first session you are welcome to book a private 5 minute session AT NO COST.











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