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Open Relationship Coaches & Educators.

Radio Hosts & Producers.

International Speakers.

Leading voice in the millennial generation when it comes to consent, sexuality and relationships.

Free Spirits. Hedonists. Eccentric.

LEARN MORE about non monogamy & open relationships with us! GET SUPPORT or explore the information we share so you can safely, sanely & consensually explore non monogamy and HAVE FUN!



Ethical and consensual non monogamy where it is important that the couple or single create intimate and close friendships prior to sexual relations.


The idea that we are free to create whatever relationship path we choose for ourselves. With a strong foundation and the understanding of fundamentals, this can be achieved by anyone.

Breakthrough Sessions

Sex is normal! And we want to make good sex normal too - whatever that is for YOU!


We know it can be lonely navigating this whole new world of relationships. We know sometimes it can be hard to find people to talk with or work through things.


We know because we’ve been through it!


And although we certainly are not therapists or licensed psychologists we do know that sometimes all you need is someone to talk to! We have helped hundreds of people on their journey with non monogamy and are passionate about helping thousands more.

Our sessions are for you if:

You are interested in pursuing a non monogamous relationship

You have questions surrounding open relationships and don’t know who to talk to

You want to ensure your relationship has a strong foundation before opening it up

You want more information about non monogamy or specific questions answered

You are wondering how to have better experiences in non monogamy

Hi There! My boyfriend and I attended your guys' seminar at the Calgary Taboo Sex Show on Saturday night and we absolutely loved it! We're fairly new to the lifestyle, but we're learning so much about it right now and truly resonating with it.


I love your self-honesty, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love. Thank you for sharing that as deep and personal, allowing us to glimpse into your journey. You inspire a person to live live open, honest, loving, compassionate and kind! Love and respect.


I just want to say you have really helped with my self confidence and reassured me that there us no shame in my desires or fantasies and in the actual fact that I can bring them to life with my partner without any judgement. And I want to say thank you.


Questions people ask us:

How do we open up our relationship? 

How do I talk to my partner about my interest in exploring non monogamy?

How do we work through jealousy in the Lifestyle? Is it ok to feel jealous?

How do I overcome my anxiety of attending Lifestyle events?

How do we decide/ come up with our rules and boundaries?

We are new and don’t know where to start! Help!

What coaching with us is like:

We break our coaching and guidance practice into three levels - Consent, Open Relationship 101 and Sacred Sex. Our goal through this process is to help you understand the fundamentals of each and provide you with practices, tools and homework so you can explore non monogamy feeling confident, safe and secure.


If this is your first session you are welcome to book a 5 minute breakthrough session AT NO COST.

You two have been a catalyst for my partner and my relationship. You've been an example that has allowed us to pus through our own securities and dive into a deeper state of existence and bliss. I appreciate you both.


I  just wanted to reach out and tell you how thankful I am for the world you do. You have been a major catalyst in our life and the direction of our passions, purpose and expansion. Thank you for being you!


Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for all that you two do. With all the wonderful info you two put there it has helped me in such a positive way!












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