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Calgary Adult Playground Club (C.A.P.C.)


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Adore Social Club Review

Calgary, AB

City: Calgary, AB

Location in City: Adore is in the SE area of the city around Barlow Trail and Peigan/Glenmore area. Exact location given only to members.

Type of Venue: This venue was recently opened and is located in a more industrial area of the city. It has a discrete entrance with a cute door decal so the right person can find it. When you enter through the door you are greeted by a host station where you will be checked into the club before entering to social area. The front lobby also hosts a sassy pink bench if you need to wait for a cab/uber in the lobby or change into sexy indoor shoes during the winter months. This is also where you will find the coat check should you wish to use it.  Once you are checked in by the host(s) you are able to enter the club through a second door. All first time attendees will be given a tour of the club by their host(s). The tour reviews the layout, house rules, conduct and etiquette.

There are appies set out and booth seating when you first walk in.Further to the back is the dancefloor (with stripper pole), DJ booth and smaller tables. The  wet bar is located in the middle along the left side and is fully stocked for all your needs.There is additional bench seating along the opposite the dance floor and stripper pole.

Upstairs in the lounge there is a pool table and corner booths for a more intimate setting. You will also find a mini fridge fully stocked with cold water.The entrance to the playroom is nestled in a back left of the lounge. The open concept playroom has a very sexy and sensual feel. There are four king beds, once of which is set up with hand and legs cuffs. There is also a sex swing and two additional play areas. There will be semi-private white drapery added to the playroom in the near future for those that wish for privacy. 


What are the hours? The club hosts events every Friday and Saturday with the occasional special Wednesday and/ Sunday event. All events are posted on the website.

Private of Public Club? Private. Adore Social is a screened, members only club. An approved profile will allow you to purchase a membership and event tickets. There will be no access granted to any individual that shows up at the club without an approved profile. Memberships and event tickets can be purchased at the door with an approved profile.

What's the Cost? The pricing can be found on the website using the link located below.

Do they have a Website? Click here to go to the Website


Alcohol Situation: Adore does not sell alcohol. All of their events are BYOB. Labels and Lockers are available for your use. They supply water, mixers, ice, glasses, utensils, bottle openers, corkscrews, etc.

Food Situation: Appies are set out for you to enjoy - they can include cheese, meats, crackers, veggies, popcorn, fondue or themed snacks to coordinate with special events.

Music Situation: Adore has a DJ who spins just about everything and knows how to keep people dancing.

Parking Situation: Parking is located along the street or in the spots in front of the club.

Who can Attend? All applications must include a minimum of three pictures of the applicants (if a couple, both male and female). Adore does NOT screen members based on age, weight or looks. Rather based on effort and presentation. Adore expects to see pics of yourselves as you would intend to appear at the club. They are looking for quality pictures that accurately represent the applicant(s) that are both classy and appropriate (please do not put graphic nudity in your profile pics) and ensure that your application is complete. 

For SINGLE MALES, the application process is the same but must also include the name of a member couple that will vouch for him, and they must attend with him on his first visit.Only once said male has attended with his vouching couple as has personally met his hosts for the evening and has had the chance to validate his intentions to be a lifestyle gentleman will Adore consider vouching for him as a club and allow him to attend events on his own.

Typical Age: 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's

Dress Code: Dress to impress!

Number of Play Areas: The room locate upstairs is the play area. It has elevated king beds along one side of the room (I believe there are 3) and on the other side is a single king bed. There is also a sexy couch, water cooler, towels and condoms available.

Number of Private Bedrooms: Zero

Are there any props, toys, etc. to use? Hand and ankle cuffs as well as a sex swing.

How do we attend this place?!? Apply to be a member HERE. Once you are approved you can purchase membership to the site. Once you have a membership you can see the upcoming events and talk to other members.

Special Comments: Adore is a fairly new club and lots of love has gone into the planning and designing of the space. The club use to go by the name Moonlight Magic but was renovated completely and now has new owners. It's a beautiful venue and offers everything someone would want out of a naughty dance club. It's a great space to have all sorts of fun and provides you with options of other things you can do if you are new or just visiting a club for the first time. The dancing and music is great and sexy pool is always a fun time!

OUR VISIT: We have visited this club a few times now and always have fun dancing and meeting others at this sexy place! The owners are hip and young and bring a lot of younger aspects to the club. It's nice nice to experience as we are in our early 30's and sometimes miss the dancing and club atmosphere from vanilla bars we used to frequent. This is a great place for newbies to visit as there are others things to do like dancing or playing pool which sometimes can help you relax and just get back to having fun!

Please contact us if you are a Lifestyle Club and would like a review completed.  We are always looking for new clubs and events to attend!

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